March 3, 2009

Nikolai Sednin

A talented artist from Russia : Nikolai Sednin

A member of the Union of Painters of Ukraine and Russia.

A member of International Federation of Artists (IFA UNESCO) and International Association of Graphic Art (ADOGI).

In 1994 at the Moscow Psycho-Neurological boarding-house he organized an experimental art group.


In 1996 by the Artistic Council of Tretyakov Art Gallery he was permitted to open personal exhibition of his works.

In 1998-99 he worked out "Cure by Art" method. Sednin has opened an art gallery In Moscow.

In 2000 he founded "Dee-Art" trend.

In 2002 the retrospective exhibition of artists paintings has taken place in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

In 2004 Nikolai became a winner of the Interforum "The Man of the Future".

His works are exhibited in galleries and private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Israel, USA and Japan.

"Weird Sisters 4 (Well of time)"

"Weird Sisters 6 (Self-purification)"

"Weird Sisters 9 (Labyrinth of brain)"

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