April 25, 2009

Evgeniy Shaman in Elegy 58 (feb/mar 2009)

Congratulations to Evgeniy Shaman published in Elegy n°58 (France, feb/mar 2009 issue).

All the excerpts come from his interview with Alyz Tale.

The complete interview is here.

You mainly use black and white or desaturated colours, which adds to the "movie" feeling of your work. Is there a special reason to this choice ?
Special reason is that bw image opens inner sense inner true and a lot of inside the characters and decorations. Full colour image is a certain temptation for our brain and soul and hides an essence.

The location is also plays an important role. A few words about it ?
My decorations are strange rooms, ruins of old houses and buildings, forests and parks, city scapes. All my backdrops (locations) are like a live supplement to the live subjects, just like in Tarkovsky’s works. They play a major role in the general atmosphere.

The feminine body is a key element of your univers. How do you look at it ?
Like at a combination of sensual-emotive charector with everything that exists in nature and with everything that our fantasies can generate.

"Border V 2 - Fos"

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