April 10, 2009

FelixGPhotography, by Terrell Neasley

featured by Terrell Neasley

UdA Art Editor

Terrell Neasley
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This is your pal, Terrell, signing on for the first time as an editor on Univers d'Artistes.

Granted its taken me a while, but Chris invited me on a while back to contribute my verbages and honestly, I wasn't trying to even think about adding my .02 cents to anything he was doing.

In my mind, the world was on here to get a taste of the genius that is Chris, not Terrell.

Well, a few weeks ago, I got another invitation and decided that if the man wants me to contribute, who was I to refuse. So unworthiness aside, now I'm following orders.
(Chris' note : I'm red !... And so glad he accepts the invitation. )

"Some see things the way they are and ask why ? I dream things that never were and ask why not ?" George Bernard Shaw

Art Model Lydia

You can see more works by Felix from his website and his Model Mayhem.

"Felix and Summer, Panguitch, Utah 2008"
by Terrell Neasley

It took me a bit to figure out what exactly I wanted to create commentary for, but it just struck me tonight.

I like to promote the work of other people moreso than I do myself. So this one goes out to my buddy Felix and his wife who is also my friend, Summer.

Art Model Sarah Jane

If you've followed anything on my blog, especially over the last year, then I'm sure you've seen me give some mentions to Felix Gonzalez.

He's been responsible for some of my adventures and escapades that has so captivated your attentions on my blog. He's a huge giver.

He once fixed my breaks when I came down a moutain, metal on metal and his wife has fed me on many occasions when my kitchenabilities were on temporary hiatus. Surprisingly, we haven't known each other for that long, but even his mother says we act like we've been kicking it for years. Leave it to Craigslist to make the connection for us. He saw my ad and signed up for the first of my Las Vegas Art Models Group workshops. I made him an assistant organizer and he didn't miss a workshop for a year til he moved to Portland. Keep your thumb on Portland. I'll get back to that.

Art Model Ivy Slime

Art Model Shirley

Someone asked me not long ago, what photographer has been most inspirational to me. Edward Weston, without a doubt, was my answer.
"Okay, but who's the best one that's alive ?" My reply ?... Felix Gonzalez.

Let me qualify that for a second. You might be able to argue bias because the guy is my friend. I'll grant you that, but I still give the same answer with a heavy dose of objectivity. I've got insider information on the man that gives me an idea of who is better than most.

Art Model Lorelei

He's got one of the most accute learning curves of anybody I've seen doing anything, much less photography. Also, I've seen him produce more quality work using less equipment than people with Mark IIIs.

The guy is serious about his photowork and is always shooting. He's as comfortable shooting fruit in a grocery store as he is doing a nude swinging in a metal loop for Cirque du Soleil.

So I can say I base my assessment of him on what I know he will become just as much as I know what he's capeable of today. It's just a matter of time.

That being said, the other half of the equation is what keeps him balanced. You don't really see a Felix without his Summer somewhere close by. Its a rare thing to see a lone Felix. Summer is that other part that factors in to make a successful duo.

Together, they are some of the most carefree people on the planet.

Felix lost his job, early fall of last year, I think. Summer followed suit not long after. You didn't see worry, panic, or even too much concern. What you did see was planning. Instead of self-pity, these guys were thinking ROAD TRIP ! That came to an end, well kinda, when earlier this year Summer got an offer to resume her employment in art mecca, PORTLAND ! They uprooted in all of 10 days and relocated.

Well, things did not turn out that well. After a month or so, they are now on their way back to Vegas. It simply didn't work out. Summer covers it all in her blog "The Monkey Chronicles". Well, again, self-pity is not the business with these two. ROAD TRIP is back on. I'm sure Summer will be detailing their trip after they get things settled back here in Vegas. Her blog is a fine read. Show some love with some comments on her blog to let her know that UdA has got her back.

Art Model MeghanO

These are some fine poeple that I can guarantee you'll be hearing about in days ahead. They are certainly worthy of your support. Give it to them. They've been giving all along.

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