April 24, 2009

Joe Oliveira's favorites

Joe Oliveira

What do his favorite pictures learn us about him ? Is he strictly devoted to his own style ?... Or not ? For the answers, just compare...

Some pieces of his extraordinary work :

To know more about Joe Oliveira : his first feature

And some of his favorites photographs :

Abe Taltre -

Aref Jaroudy
"Dress ups"
Art Model Dollybeck -

Christine Kessler
"Apnea III"
Art Model Apnea

Rachel Lovitt -

Jirka Pop
"Letuska 1"

Israel Colon
Art Model and Photographer Tiana Hunter

Michal Tokarczuk -
"Manic Mechanic 149"

Aaron Hawks
"Miss Crabapple"
Art Model and Illustrator Molly Crabapple

John Peri -
"Jazz on a hot summer night"

Scott F. Hill
Art Model Ariel X

"Dreaming to leave"
Art Model Tania

Ezekiel Woods
Art Model Callisto Warner

Scott James Prebble -
"Dont hate me"
Art Model Kaios

Stephen Melvin
"Your Magic Is Working"
Art Model Jessa


Tom Lane
"Dahlia I"

Viva Van Story
"Piano Player"
Art Model Adrianne Anderson

Laurent Auxietre
"She Rises"
Art Model Romy

Stefan Gesell -
Art Model Madlen

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