April 3, 2009

The New Banality, by Michael Vasquez

Written by Michael Vasquez,

" It seems we are seeing an age of a banality being forced upon us.
World wide there are forces at work to recreate the world in their own narrow views."

"Women in Art" by Philip Scott Johnson
500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art
Nominated as Most Creative Video - 2nd Annual YouTube Awards

"Esparansa IV"

It seems we are seeing an age of a banality being forced upon us. World wide there are forces at work to recreate the world in their own narrow views. Creation vs Evolution, their own more comfortable view, the march of science would be stopped as well as our art.

Never mind that we hurt no one or that our models are willing participants in the creation of that art. The new/old puritans want it stopped dead in it’s tracks so that we return to a world that hasn’t left them behind. Not content to stop the world so they can get off, they just want the world to just stop. Our children are also being swept up, childhood pranks are view and prosecuted as adult matters. There seems to be no forgiveness in their comfortable views, a kind and loving god is not on their agenda only a vengeful god will do.

We who consider what we do art are not to escape that vengeful god or the people who support him. Lest of all our art is not to escape, you only have to consider how many sites have been tagged as objectionable. Photographers and models have been affected only for showcasing the human figure in all it’s glories. It seems a small part of the world is unable or unwilling to let others view this art in a neutral light.

"The hat"

Human sexuality is a part of that life, a very warm and loving part of life.
But we are no longer suppose to capture that part of every human being.

For a very small part of the universe this view of our’s is unacceptable and intolerable. A very small but very vocal part of society is trying to dictate, trying to force their views on the rest of the world. It’s sad to see how far they have been successful in this endeavor.

It is now time to fight back.

I have always been a proponent of civil disobedience, since I was old enough to know right from wrong.

I have always done my best to conform to what I believe is right. I am not a foaming at the mouth liberal but I believe in justice for the many and not just the few. I believe that my neighbor has the right to speak his mind no matter how unpleasant I may find it. But your rights end at my door. You don’t have the right to impose your views upon me or people who believe as I do.

"Moon Madness"

Your rights do not and never will supercede mine, your view are not my view necessarily.

I will defend my rights till my dying breath. I don’t intend to honor any rules that I feel fly in the face of my rights.

People have defended with their lives those freedoms that I hold dear.

I will continue to keep my models information private and to protect their identity.
I will continue to act in a responsible and respectful manner with my models and the general public.
I am not forcing my art on anyone and never will.


But that does not mean that I will forgo my right to produce what I want when I want. I am much too old to change the way I operate now and I don’t intend to.

In this country we talk of freedom, we put it’s name on building and avenue, we market French Fries with it. But most of all we defend it with our lives if necessary. All free men and women have heard and answered it’s call. Think of the French resistance or the bravery of the English in the second world war.

We all have a sense for freedom and we can’t afford to give that away now.
Tyranny must never be dismissed or accepted.
Tyrants must never hold away over a free people.

"Lady Liberty"

Michael Vasquez ©


unbearable lightness said...

Amen to everything you say, Michael. And you say it so well. This is written beautifully, with passion and purpose.

We all need to speak out and let our voices be heard!

Lin said...

Great post, Michael, and I echo Dr L's sentiments. This is beautifully written :-)