April 30, 2009

The new website of Spilt Sugar

Spring is here. With its singing birds, its tender sun and its growing flowers. Nature is awakening and websites are being born.

After the new official site of Vernon Trent, here is the new one of Spilt Sugar.

Congratulations Spilt ! And a long life to your beautiful site.


unbearable lightness said...

Wow, sweet Sugar! What a glorious website. And I am so honored to be on there. You go, girl!

Joseph Crachiola said...

Excellent. You are quite the talent and I wish you much success.

Spilt Sugar said...

Thanks guys! And big thanks to Chris for surprising me with this post! I really appreciate all the support! Site still needs some work but at least it's up! :)

handygirl said...

Spilt Sugar makes me use layers.

Her photos reflect her attention to detail and her commitment to excellence in all things both professional and personal. She teaches me to see light, to pose, and to care.