April 21, 2009

OnePixArt's Favorites


You'll find OnePixArt, from Usa, at his official site, his blog, facebook.com/OnePixArt,
his first feature, all about him here inside.

"For me, art is more than a beautiful picture. It is deeply connected to social responsibility and educating people, such as when the artist was the “shaman in the cave”." OnePixArt, Mosa.

A significant example of his work :

Some of his favorites :

Max Sauco -
"Vitruvian girl"

Aliona (Alëna Birukova)
"My wife is hen"

Katerina Belkina -
"My studio, Palette 1"

André Brito -
"Nature 02"

"Rassamee 4"

Minon -
"November no 2"

Pavel Kiselev -
"Decadence 2"

Federico Bebber
"Candy colored clown"

Matt Haber
"Trunk Series"
Art Model Madrid

G. Ruediger
"Female pure and open"
Art Model Isabella Reneaux

Vic -
"The pool"

Rachel Lovitt -
"Invisible Scars"

Robert Russell
"Moment of ecstacy"
Art Model Felicity Moody

Mick Waghorne -
"Naked City 1"
Art Model Kayt Webster-Brown

Alexey Nikishin -
"Classical Nude"

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