April 10, 2009

Richard Rasner (Unique Nudes)

Here are some photographs of a very beautiful series entitled "Spelunking", part of the "Valley of Fire" series,
by Richard Rasner with Art Model Raye.

"Tribal kitten"

"This is the first image from "Spelunking" (part 1 of my "Valley of Fire" shoots).
It features Raye who was awesome enough to climb up in some very tiny, very precariously placed caves in the "stone beehive" section of the park to get these shots.
Raye is fairly new to modeling but I am pleased to report that she is ambitious, easy to work with and generally awesome, even in harsh outdoor conditions.



"The signs of entrapment"

"The escape"

Richard Rasner (Unique Nudes) ©
© 2009 Nakayama Studios

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