April 23, 2009


Beau eRomantica, photographer
and Christian Pélier,
by Gayle, Abstract Artist.

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Eleanor Rigby
"Upside down"
Art Model Katja Kemnitz

How do you choose the photographs you publish ?

After more than 50,000 pictures viewed in 8 years, about 360 Contributing Artists and 1700 articles, I must confess that today I often follow my first impression.
I've adopted with pleasure the famous "WOW !" factor, less known in France where we have the tendency to intellectualize everything.

I'm looking for pictures that captivate the mind, that make me pause and think to myself : "Wow !... That's great." It can be anything, even with mistakes. All the creators, scientists included, will tell you that errors are a necessary part of the creative process. And of course, I'll add that all the pictures we publish are our favorites.

Gerhardt Thompson -
"A Bird in the Hand"
One last from The Sun Drenched Nude
Thanks for the dedicace Gerhardt !

Vernon Trent -
"Conceiving you"
Art Model Meli G.

François Benveniste -
"Forest fairy"
Art Model Stephie - MUA Anne Arnold

B/W or Color ? Film or digital ?

Everything, of course. As an editor, I'm open to all genre and styles. But... to be really sincere, I have a preference for black and white photographs, in my opinion the most difficult exercise.

Imagine... Our world is rich of marvelous colors and a B/W photographer must see it in gray tones... Impressive... I say "gray" because I think there are no black and white pictures. It's too restrictive, there are so many variations between both.

I'm always amazed by the way they play with the shadows. Here, I could add with the light, but if you play with the shadows, you logically play with the light. It's a combination, nothing is spared.

OnePixArt -
"Unbearable lightness of being"

Art Model Sonata

Why do you love so much the word "Artist" ?

And "passion" too ! I refer to the creator. Artist is a wonderful word. Art is my religion. As a writer myself I know pretty well the subject.

Don't believe I'm categorizing people, here the Artists, there the Spectators, because I'm convinced that we all are artists, no matter the domain. But a true Artist, who dedicates his life to an art, is someone special. If you ask him why he does it, he'll answer you that he doesn't know. It's beyond himself. And if you tell him to stop, he'll simply die.

From 16 to... years old, all the Artists we feature have this faith.
And they light up our so troubled world, breaking all the barriers with courage and strength.

What would be our world without them ?

They open the doors of the Eden on earth.

Michael Papendieck -
"Spread your little wings..."

Charles E. Nevols -
"The beauty of lines"
Art Model Idnandi

Christopher Burkit
"Big Caliente Hot Springs"
Art Model, Writer and Singer St Merrique -

What keeps you so active ?

Beyond our deep (and obsessive) passion for the Artists, our first goal at UdA is to promote their work.

We are there to help them to be seen and internationally known. Visibility is essential. So we feature them as often as possible.

David Charles -
"I still believe in fairy tales"
Art Model Muse -

What is it to be an UdA Art Editor ?

A great and huge responsibility.
A wonderful mission and pretty tough work.
And the best way to show all the beauty of our world and give hope to Humanity.

Before I wrote about Art, I was a political editorialist for a French web magazine. I've tried to show, and to prove, how much our governments treat us like sheep. On this subject, the famous final speech of Charlie Chaplin in the Dictator is my favorite one. And I'm a fan of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. Anyway, to make it short, I began to become mad. And depressed.

When the multiple sclerosis appeared in my life, I knew it was time to change. And I've decided to write about all the beauties of our world instead of the dark side of the human being. And, believe it or not, and Lin Bee and Michael Vasquez will agree, I feel better.

Beau eRomantica -
"Given to the Ocean"

Zhang Jingna -
"Behind the Mask"
Model and MUA Alli Jiang

There is no advertising in your magazine ?

No ! No ads, ever. Unless for a good cause. And yes...

Check at left and you'll see : the exhibitions, the workshops, all the calendars and books published by our contributing artists, their sites, their blogs.

We try to be as exhaustive as possible in order to give them the most productive showcase. It's the reason why we are following so many blogs and sites : promotion, again and again.

"Feed the Artists" is our credo, with "Always render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's". And we know what we're talking about.

Joseph Crachiola -
"Piano Play 2"
Art Model and Musician Lela Rae -

Scott James Prebble -
"You only know what you see"
Art Model Rosemary

Some words about the UdA Art Team and how to contribute ?

Our doors are wide opened ! We are now about 390 Contributing Artists and some of them like to write. Today they can contribute as they want, when they want. And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Terrell Neasley -
Art Model Stacey Scott

And for the future ?

We have so many projects ! There is no secrets, but let's wait and see.

Marc Hoppe -
"Hidden agenda"
Art Model Jessica

J’adore les artistes. J’les aime pas !, je les adore. Leur foi, leur détermination, leur courage, leur passion !, pfft ! je suis baba.

J’adore ceux qui adhèrent à leur vocation, artistique ici, tant d’autres s’adonnent à la leur sans peintures ni appareils. Mais pour l’Artiste qui a fait don de son corps et de son âme à un art, le but est de ne pas se poser trop de questions, faut pas croire, ils réfléchissent aussi sur l’anormalité de leur foutu besoin de créer.

C’est pour ça que j’ai fondé Univers d’Artistes. Et me suis lié à près de quatre-cent d’entre eux. Dans la photographie de nu artistique. La photographie ? Capturer la beauté, comme dirait Michael Siu de New Orleans. Une passion qui me vient de mon papa. La Femme dans son plus simple appareil ? Y a-t-il plus belle création sur Terre ? Papa aimait aussi.

Je n’ai pas fait exprés ! Plutôt que de voler leurs photographies, je les ai contactés pour leur demander la permission de les publier, la moindre des choses. Ils m’ont tous dit oui ?! Et de clichés en œuvres d’art, Univers d’Artistes est né dans un accouchement sans douleurs, mais avec beaucoup de travail.

Au début, c’était pour mon propre plaisir ! Ce qu’ils créent est si beau. Puis j’ai commencé à travailler pour eux, me chargeant d’une mission, les faire connaître, leur bonheur faisant le mien.

On se donne en confiance. Ils savent qu’ils seront illuminés et ils m’éblouissent, dieu que la Vie est belle grâce à leur prodigieux talent qu’ils écoutent avec une attention qui force le respect.

Ils sont tous comme moi, des dingues de passionnés ! Pourraient pas faire autre chose !! Oublie. Ils ont souvent un boulot alimentaire à côté qui leur permet de se payer le dernier projo. Ils s’endettent, trouvent des compromis avec leurs modèles, pour les moins « connus » se font chier la vie à cause de leur foutue obsession mais ils continuent envers et contre tout, peuvent pas faire autrement, ça les dépasse. C’est plus fort qu’eux. On est pareils.

Univers d’Artistes ? J’adore. Je les adore. Ils me donnent une raison supplémentaire de vivre.


Lin said...

A wonderfully written article Chris, and yes I agree with every word.

Art is my religion too :-)

Chris St James said...

Thanks dear Lin ! Deeply...

David Winge said...

Wonderful, insightful and inspiring Chris!!

Chris St James said...

David, I'm all red !!! :)

Jan said...

So inspiring to read that and to enjoy the images that were shared - thank you Chris & the UdA team.

Frank Morris said...


I would like to be featured at your great site.


Frank Morris

http:// anphotoart . com

Art said...

Wonderful features, conversation, insight, thoughts...I have been a member only a short while but really find my affinity here and a place with similar feelings and ideas to my own.

I would love to submit a small feature on work I do in the artistic and art nude with a creative model in Ireland.

How does one go about this....I am not familiar with blogging and the complexity of the internet sometimes baffle me...having only started this aspect of online communication a few weeks ago.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated