April 16, 2009

Ulorin Vex : always more famous !

We're so proud at UdA when a contributing artist is published ! For us, it's like a honey pot for a bear after a long winter in a cold cave, or a tsunami of happiness in a thirsty desert of love, or the first flower of a new wonderful spring, or... To make short : we're glad.

Ulorin Vex, art model and illustrator, wonderfully shooted by Russell Coleman, is featured in the new issue of Bizarre Magazine for their article about "The World's hottest art models".

It's not her first publication, and our faithful readers know it. She deserves it, of course, her work is so wonderful. Creative, gracious, surprising, inspired, malicious... and so inspiring.

So, dear Ulorin, receive all our warmest congratulations ! Once again.

Russell Coleman - "You're indestructable"
Art Model Ulorin Vex
Styling and stuff by Ulorin Vex


David Winge said...

Wonderful!! I saw this issue on the newsstand the other day.

Chris St James said...

Yep !!! :)