April 7, 2009

Vernon Trent's favorites

Vernon Trent

" Amateurs worry about equipment,
Professionals worry about money,
Masters worry about light,
I just take pictures..." Vernon Trent

His wonderful artworks !

Vernon Trent is starting new projects with Marc Hoppe, Thorsten Jankowski and Michael Papendieck, co-founders of the Braunschweiger Schule :

" If photography is your passion, then the workshops of the Braunschweig School are fitting you.
Here at Braunschweig School, you can discover techniques and work on ideas which lets you raise your image quality to another level. Finally you will bring home wonderful new impressions and outstanding new images which you can show your friends and family.
Learn to see at Braunschweig School."

Some of his favorite photographs (and photographers !)

Alexander Bergström
"Rosetta and a livingroom"

GOnFriday -

J. Borodina -
"Sweetest perfection"

Samuel Lopez
Art Model Maria Fulmer

Marc Hoppe -
"Curtain view"
Art Model Janimasi

Maxime Avet
"The Face"
Art Model Eden

Eleanor Rigby
"La mesa"
Art Model Andrea H.

Pixel Welten
"Nude 2009"

William Earle -
Art Model Trinette

Michal Tokarczuk -
"Strange Letter"

Chip Willis -
"Bedford Hotel, NYC"
Art Model Isabella Reneaux

Lorand Peli -

Andrew Kaiser -

Michael Siu -
"Betcee's Back"
Art Model Betcee May -

Alecu Grigore
"Kitty Cat Lina"

Vic -
"Requiem for a dream"

IMSirReal -

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