May 10, 2009

Alyz at "Eros et Thanatos" collective exhibition, France

From May 13th to July 31st
Le Cabinet des Curieux

Paris, France

Alyz is a talented French photographer, a former model, a music and culture journalist, and the Editor in Chief of Elegy, a renowned music and culture French magazine.

I follow her work since a short time, always impressed by the beauty of her photographs.

"Winter Garden"

She'll be part of a collective exhibition on the "Eros & Thanatos" theme at Le Cabinet des Curieux gallery in Paris, France.

With :
Alyz, Benalo, B. , Elodie Besse , Molly Crabapple, Mademoiselle Javel, Andy Julia , Eric Keller, Koneko, Zoé Laccheï, Olivier Ledroit, Malgorzata Maj, Virginie Ropars, Patrick Sarfati, Natalie Shau.

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"A black and fascinated vision, of these two eternal subjects, will be presented by Thierry Ruby at Gallery Cabinet des Curieux.
An exhibition tinged of dark eroticism and poisonous beauty.
15 artists stemming from spheres of Dark Romanticisim influence, in universes printed by elegance, in Gothic and fantastic accents."


Her official site, her blog

Her book, available : here

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