May 8, 2009

May 8th Celebration

I don't remember what war it's about. And I don't want to think about it, this word does'nt make part of my vocabulary. He's banished. And you won't find it in my books. Never.

I just remember that too many people died before this date, and after, and today, again and again, for nothing, as usual.

Is it the 1914 war of the 1939 one ? It doesn't matter, there are so many wars in our world. And so many dead people. The wars are everywhere. Till our home.

In this celebration day, in France, I don't know what happens in your country the 8th of May, I just want to talk about Life.

On our earth, the war is not over. And men, troubled children playing with true guns, don't want to see that all is a question of love. Women know it. When men kill what they brought into the world. Women know what is Life.

In this particular day, in France and in all the countries where families lost their father, their brother, son and daughter, everybody under a bomb, I just want to talk about Beauty.

And these pictures must remind us the power of Woman... The Power of Love.

A.J. Kahn -
"Atlas Remake"
Art Model Mandjohio

Beau eRomantica -
"Dancing with Waves 2"
Dancer MaxE

Ben Heys -
"Beach dance"
Art Model Jenny F

Christophe Vermare -
"Wave form"

Dave Levingston -
Art Model Charlye Raine

Dave Ayerst Davies -
"Water Light"
Art Model Rhowena

David Charles -
"Summer Muse"
Art Model (and his muse) Muse -

David L. LeBeck -
"Pinnacle, 102"
Art Model (and his muse) Betcee May -

Emil Schildt

Evgeniy Shaman -
"Deep forrest"

F.W. Scharpf -
"Natalia on the Rocks"

Gerhardt Thompson -

GW Burns -
"Stained Glass Jungle"

Jason Tag -
"Ella on the Rocks"
Art Model Ella Rose

Jim Young -
"Breaking waves"
Art Model and Photographer Iris Dassault -

José Manchado -
"Cube series 14"
Art Model Nere

Jan Murphy -
"Goddess Kali"
Art Model Susie Wong


Jan said...

Thank you Chris and what a profound statement & piece of writing.

I'm glad you celebrate life and beauty, as there is so much ugliness in the world, we can leave all that to others!

Thank you for showing my work ;)


unbearable lightness said...

Chris, this is beautiful. And you would not have known, because I did not mention it - it is the anniversary of my husband's death.

Mark said...

My time at war is the main motivator for the kind of photography I do now.

May others do the same.

Rachel said...

Beautiful sentiment and features to accompany it. Strength, beauty, compassion - these are the things we should celebrate!