May 6, 2009

Scott Nichol : benefit print sale for Susie B

A wonderful initiative by Scott Nichol

" I am sure that many of you may have heard about Susie B and her recent accident.
While she is currently on the road to recovery, her medical expenses continue to mount. Susie B is anxious to return to work as a nurse, but with the recent outbreak of swine flu and the surrounding media hype, she is prevented from returning to work. This presents a very serious challenge for Susie to make ends meet on a daily basis.

So I'm holding a benefit print sale of one of the images Susie B and I created together while out in New Mexico.

The proceeds will go directly to Susie B to help her out.

"Walking Dream"
Art Model Susie B

Susie B Benefit Print Sale

I've tried to keep these prints as affordable as possible and still maintain a high level of benefit for Susie B. So, if you can, please help out by purchasing a print today from the web site I've set up : Susie B Benefit Print Sale

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