May 25, 2009

Stacey Scott's interview, by Terrell Neasley

" What I have learned is to be ready on the set. Just be yourself and don't be nervous (it doesn’t help)." Stacey Scott

You can see Stacey Scott on these links : her official site, her first Model Mayhem, her second one, her first myspace, her second myspace, her youtube, flickr

By Terrell Neasley
UdA Art Editor, Photographer

This is my 3rd or 4th interview here on Univers d’Artistes. So let me introduce one of Chris St James’ favorites, Stacey Scott.

It was only a year ago when I met Stacey when I hired her for my first LVAMG art nude photo workshop back in February of Oh-8.

I had about 12 models on my list to interview for that first gig. It wasn’t an easy task, but I knew I was looking for something special to kick off my group’s premier event. When I got to Stacey, I quit interviewing anyone else. I had that gut feeling that any further search was a waste of my time, because I knew I was going to hire Stacey.

The first thing that anybody needs to understand is that Stacey is drop dead gorgeous.

The next thing is that she's deaf. It was interesting to me that I could still remember how to sign the alphabet. I actually remembered more than I thought, but we also used pen and paper to get our points across. She could still hear with the help of a hearing aide but the pen and paper was more for my sake since I sometimes had difficulty understanding what she was saying. I figured she'd get frustrated with me being slow and sometimes not getting what she was saying at all. On the contrary, Stacey was quite patient with me.

By Terrell Neasley

by Wolf189 -

TL Neasley : Hi Stacey. You were the first model I chose when I started my Las Vegas Art Models Group here in Vegas. Other than your gorgeousness, one of the things that is unique about you is that you are also deaf. I have been VERY impressed that you've never let this be an excuse for you and that you are so ambitious about pursuing your dreams.

How exactly do you overcome people's negative perceptions and what makes you so strong in your ability to succeed anyway ?

Stacey : I decided to move to Las Vegas in 2007. I didn't move there to be a model. I've always wanted to meet new people and have fun, and experience whatever I wanted to. Modeling helped with all that.

by Bob Jones
Oubon - Makeup Artist

I used Model Mayhem to help build a portfolio and meet new people. I joined MM on the 16th of May and got my first gig on the 25th with a tog who goes by the name Seven. He was very encouraging and everything really took off from there. I began working with more photographers after that and really began to enjoy it. Modeling then became my thing.

I want people to understand the fact that I may be deaf, but that won't stop me from fulfilling my dreams. I'm deaf, but I can do anything (except hear !).

I have found that its important to be yourself and have a good time with good attitude. That’s how I overcome people's negative perceptions.

By Terrell Neasley

by Scott Berry

"Ripped Shirt is New Style ?!"

by Scott Berry

"One of Gil Elvgren's Pin ups"

TLN : Do you have a favorite photographer from back in the day ?

SS : Not really. Can't say that I do.

TLN : Are there any other models out there that you would say has been an inspiration for you ?

SS : Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet Johanson, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, and Angelina Jolie. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are also favorites, but there are so many more.

TLN : What has been some of your biggest accomplishment so far and what's next on the table for you ?

by Lara Images

SS : Three come to mind.

First, my biggest accomplishments was getting the opportunity to work so many great photographers and building a quality portfolio. Its still an on-going process, actually.

Secondly, I was proud when I almost made the Editor Choice award for 944 Magazine, but I was voted for highest viewer's choice. So, I did manage to get a small photo in the mag, issue 7.9 during September. I was so close !

Third, has to be my involvement with America’s Next Top Model :

Stacey Scott of Canajoharie wins Utica Casting Call for America's Next Top Model UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) :
Stacey Scott of Canajoharie was announced as the winner of the Utica Casting Call for America's Next Top Model. Stacey was chosen from dozens of girls to advance to the New York City semi-finals. The CW11 hosted their second event at the Radisson Hotel were about 40 girls tried out throughout the day.” NBC WKTV Channel 2 News

Also here is my youtube channel that you can subscribe. As for what’s up next, WHO KNOWS !

by Lou DiGesare

TLN : Give me 3 photographers out there right now who you would drop whatever you are doing to do a shoot with ? AND WHY ?

SS : I would like to work with Bobby Deal, Paul Lara and Phil Cassel. They are awesome people to work with ! I don't really have fav. I love them all !

TLN : What lessons have you learned so far that you think other models REALLY need to know ?

SS : What I have learned is to be ready on the set. Just be yourself and don't be nervous. (It doesn’t help).

by Bobby Deal

"Pinup Zombie"
MUA Marissa Castillo
Bodypaint Fantasy Ink

TLN : What other project are you most interested in that you haven't been able to do yet ?

SS : There are many projects that I haven't being able to do yet. I'm not sure what project I'm really interested in doing cuz I honestly would love to try it all !

by Wolf189

TLN : If you were not modeling what would you be doing instead ?

Without a doubt, photography.

TLN : So what else should a photographer know about you before he or she hires you for a gig ?

SS : Well, of course, I make sure that they know that I am deaf. But after that, they should know that they need to get over it. Cuz I do…

Stacey Scott


unbearable lightness said...

Great interview, Terrell, thanks! Stacey is fantastic!

Geo Silva said...

Stacey is amazing in her images... I still love finding an image to pull and edit. She's gorgeous!

Paul Lara said...

I'm flattered that Stacey put me in such high company. One year after our shoot, Stacey remains the most beautiful, most fearless, and most skilled model I have worked with. She comes ready to work, with a head full of ideas and suitcases full of amazing looks, but it's that amazingly expressive face that is so memorable.