June 4, 2009

Kari, by Howard Nowlan

Unison Photo Arts first group video !

By Howard Nowlan


"The Light awakens the magic,
and the dance, once again begins"

There are some projects that I have been wanting to do since my work with Kari and Magenta first began, and one of these, has been video.

It was with great delight that this past week brought an opportunity to take the first steps into this field.

I have been working with Kari since 2005, and she is simply a marvelous model, holding a beauty and a mystique before the camera that I find simply enchanting.

Working with her and my other talented muse, Magenta, we were able to compose our first tentative steps in art nude video. I hope you like the results !

Video to watch : here.

Camera work by Magenta.
Direction and Editing by Howard Nowlan.
Unison Photo Arts Group, 2009.

With many thanks to Kari.

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