June 12, 2009

Jan Murphy's favorites

I have selected a handful of images that touched my soul and I hope they have a positive effect on yo
urs also.
Here's to everything that lies ahead and to embracing and challenging it all.
To Chris, your friend and editor,

UdA Art Editor

OnePixArt -
"What I live for"
Art Model RedSonia

Vernon Trent -
"The Joshua tree III"
Art Model Xaina

André Brito -
"Nature 02"

Darren Phillips -
"This Time"
Art Model Anne Duffy

J. Borodina (Eliara) -
"Konchilis' sni"

Mark Varley -
"Liquid Air 3"

Lorand Peli -

André Brito -


I somehow know you have the strength to fight on.

Here's to embracing life and all that it has to offer you.


Jan said...

You are more then welcome Chris :)

unbearable lightness said...

What beautiful words and images! Thank you, Jan. You are so inspiring!