July 12, 2009

Anca Cernoschi : her projects !

An informal discussion with
Anca Cernoschi

by Jan Murphy
UdA Art Editor & Photographer

"Me - window"

After looking at the extent of styles within Anca's work, I was truly captivated by so many of the images. I realise that even though the models need to keep a certain anonymity they still really held presence in the images, or that is how it came across to myself. I hope you feel and see what I do.

I share with you a small selection of this artist's work with you - do go and research more, I highly recommend you do.

You'll find Anca Cernoschi, from Romania, at her photoblog, ALTphotos, Art Limited, her space at deviantART, photo.net, her first feature/interview.

Anca, I read your article on UdA a while back and was really inspired by your work and passion for what you do. You say you are a beginner but you really have a flair for what you do.

Jan, you are too kind :)

"Dora - contest"

Did you have any early influences or did you just follow what felt good for you ?

I guess I could say that I followed what felt good for me regarding the themes of my photos but I studied the masters too. This study is essential, I think, because the most important thing is to have the abilities to express your ideas in an aesthetic manner that is accessible to the public.

A photograph it's like a beggar's hand in front of you, if it doesn't tell you a story, it won't get anything from you.


When did you feel really at ease with a certain project and thought, yes this is for me, this is what I wish to shoot ?

Well, I think I can refer to the most important themes in my portfolio : portraits and nudes.

The way I treated them is quite different. For portraits I like to discover people and find out what suites them, while for the nudes it's the other way around, I try to find people that fit one idea I have. I guess it worked well until now.

I always try to tell stories, it's a constant project for me,
to create or discover stories.

Please share with us about any projects you are working on at present. You talked in your interview about your 'Film Noir' inspired photography, I would love to hear more about this.

"Room 1"

The "film noir" project was very interesting. I discovered some fabulous things that I don't think I would have otherwise, things that I think I would like to return to sometimes, maybe even in the nude theme. Unfortunately the project was put on hold for now but I started a new project on nudes. I will have a personal exhibition this fall.


The technique used will be projections, as a connection between very different themes.

I want to dedicate more time to study this and, fortunately, and finally I get to do it this summer. Maybe I'll just change my mind and create a story, not some unrelated shots, I really don't know.



I would love to see and feel what you refer to. Do you have any images or a website to share ?

I would like to share a preview of the nude project, to give you an idea.
Sorry to those if this isn't totally clear about the project because all I know for now is that it will be based on nudes and the technique used will be projections on bodies or on the background - thus creating an atmosphere, a story. I don't know yet if it will be a whole story or some separated shots bound only by the technique used.

Let's call this a work in progress then and do share with us when you are further with this project as we would love to see more about it.

I'll give myself some time to study this summer.

"Margaret 1"


We will watch out for this then, thank you for sharing.

Would be really fabulous also to see a few favorites from your art nude concept and share with us why they are your favored choice ?

I must start with my first nude.

"MM 11"

I still love it, after all this time and it's quite different from the recent works, more like a shape and light study. I haven't work like that since. The pose it's quite original I think (I'm soooo modest :)) ).

I also like a more recent shot.

"Water fairy"

Very different from the first one, this is one of the reasons I've choose it. It reflects very well the way I want to continue on nudes, for a while at least (independent from the nude project I've told you about). I want to work more with colors and stories. I hope I will work exclusively on film soon, the transition is quite hard but it's extremely tempting.

Anca it has been such an insight looking at your work and styles of photography.
Thank you so much for your time on this interview and we'll continue seeing your inspiring and captivating work.


Mark said...

Beautiful photographs and a wonderfully composed insight, thank you both.

Jan said...

Thank you Mark, it was a wonderful piece to put together and yes, thank you to Anca also.

Ivan Cristian said...

Love her blog and DA :)
Just unique ^^