July 16, 2009

God bless me ?... Cool ! You make my day.

Summer trip

Some strange words for a French...

Corwin Prescott -
"Solar System on Your Head"

Jam Abelanet
"Sans gravité"

The first one I love : "cool".
The best definition in french is "tranquiiiiiille", with a plenty of i, as we use to add in the south of France : "quiiiiiiiet".

"Cool" is not between hot and cold, "tiède" in french. It's just the good temperature at the evident good place and the craziest good moment. Of course. A natural and simple happiness.
I love "cool". It sounds like a big breathe.

Perry Gallagher

"JJ Plush"

What else ?...
"You make my day"
No translation possible... Ok, we have many french idioms which can be close but nothing so clear. Our language is rich but "you make my day" is such a beautiful resume : "you light up my day !", "today is a wonderful day thanks to you"... You'll never hear that in France.

Intergrativeone -
Art Model Dollybeck -

Irakly Shanidze -
"A Girl With a Nail File"


"Anais in a yoga pose"
Art Model Lady Anais

Then ?!!! "God bless you" of course.
For sure.

The very first time I heard it, I felt disturbed. "Dieu te bénisse", "God bless you", everywhere, at each corner of streets, for one dollar, for a purchase, a strange encounter, because all is strange abroad : "God bless you".

Peter Lime
"Come to me II"
Art Model Almost Moon

You'll never hear that in France, too. Forget it. It's a catholic country but God keeps a secret ! Nobody talks about his faith before to know you in your deepest inner. And I'm far from the reality. All mystic or religious questions are prohibited. No pray for the bread, no more empty chair for the poor who could ask for a meal, no changes at the end of the sunday rites, no revelations about Love...

So without a doubt, "God bless you" told by everyone and everywhere is the most wonderful expression I've ever heard on this planet.

Beau eRomantica -
"The Person in Charge"

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