July 5, 2009


You'll find Lohey at : his official site, this other one, deviantART.

It's not usual, it's even the first time that I publish a text so... deep and high. But Lohey is also a photographer ! And so much more... Lohey "... is an illusion...", as he says himself.
Why a so long and so different a text in these columns totally devoted to the Art of the Photography (who is the artist, what he does, where does he come from, but where does he finds such an inspiration ?...) ? Because I'm also a writer.

In a period of severe troubles, with so many amazing projects, these wonderful words have appeared in my life. And I feel better. With a delicious wish to run... Like Forrest.

So, why ?! Because the paralyzed man wants to share with you this incredible soft moment of tenderness, the French poet his enchantment for such wonderful words of peace and hope, the pure philosopher his agreement, the obsessive writer his coup de chapeau. And the so careful editor his "look" on a beautiful Artist's work.

That's all folks ! Now, you're are ready to read. And admire.

"I'm creating myself"
Human being : Ch'Amanita

" Si jeu veux être chaman, alors jeu le suis maintenant... car il n'y a pas d'autre réalité que maintenant. If I mean to be a shaman, then I am one now... cause there is no other reality but now." Lohey

"Rage against the Machine"
Human being Christelle

" Jeu ne serai plus esclave ! I won't be a slave anymore !" Lohey

« To put an end to outward war, you must begin to put an end to war in yourself. Some of you will nod your heads and say, “ I agree”, and go outside and do exactly the same as you have been doing for the last ten or twenty years. Your agreement is merely verbal and has no significance, for the world miseries and wars are not going to be stopped by your casual assent.

They will be stopped only when you realize the danger, when you realize your responsibility, when you do not leave it to somebody else.

If you realize the suffering, if you see the urgency of immediate action and do not postpone, then you will transform yourself.

Peace will come only when you yourself are peaceful, when you yourself are at peace with your neighbour. »
Krishnamurti Jiddu

Human being : Elodie

" Libre comme l'air et enracinée à mes valeurs, jeu suis tellement magnifique... Free as the wind and rooted on my values, I'm so wonderful..."

"Trusting you"
Human Being : Elodie

" J'apprends... I'm learning to..."


" I love you... body and soul together... If you show me yourself, then I love yourself ! Do you think I have a choice ? How could I close my eyes ? I don't have any !

I caress your mind. Why do you judge it ? I talk to your breast. Why do you judge them ? Too little, too big, too ugly ? Thoughts... comparisons... thoughts... authority... thoughts... Have you touched or tasted them ? The three of them ?

I lick the curve of your expressed intentions and I faint, I disappear in the waves of your shivers. I see you, accept you, take you, talk to you, put you under light and sensations, touch you. An encounter where I don't fear you, I don't fear me. What are you scared about ? There is only you. Or me... what difference ? Why would that be important ?

I let my breath dawdle on your words, I skim through the reflection of your sex. In love, no judgment, no separation... Don't you see that One starts when there is no more tension between two, between three, between forty, between one billion, no fear anymore ?

You want your pleasure and you want to fulfill your needs... but you are so much more. You want to be respected but you disrespect yourself each second.... In my eyes amazed of the whole you, you see your own defects, separated from your own qualities... You separate yourself ! Then you mime some future path, that you've been taught, conditioned to. You have fantasies about serious projects of future accomplishments. So you despise your present ! You tell yourself stories, you turn yourself into a kid... a mental-embalmed mummy.

Human Being : Morgana

"Jeu suis d'accord d'avoir des noeuds seulement si c'est de l'art sur ma peau... Sinon, jeu suis libre ! I'm ok to have bow only if it's art on my skin... else I am free !"

"Clean from stuff"
Human Being : Alixia

" Jeu me nettoie de ces choses et objets qui me possédaient... I'm cleaning myself from things, objects that used to possess me : [link]"

When will you face yourself the way you actually are, you and me ? With your fat and your ugly behaviours... your scars and your past... your diseases and your immaturity. Let all this melt in the intensity of our union, the union of us all... all humans. Let all this finally found something else than this dual and pretentious morality. The same that creates wars and paths to get to them.

Words explode suffers and reveal them... Were there not already in you before ? Words explode suffers because there are both illusions... the climax of the matter that amazes the white light and make it see colors...

You think you're important... but you're so much more than that ! So much more than this idea ! You're the whole humanity, only if you accept to be loved without hiding, without judging. If you accept to be seen naked, your nature facing storms, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis.

Human being : Jessy

" Certaines expressions humaines sont simplement adorables... et l'environnement aide. Some human expressions are just cute... and the environment helps."

"Power of lightness"
Human Being : Mahéva

" Jeu peux ajouter de la légèreté même sur les situations les plus lourdes... I can add lightness on top of even the hardest situation..."

You hide, then you judge! You avoid, then you judge ! You deny, then you judge ! You complain, then you judge ! I love you... body and soul and humanity, with no judgment. But if I would accept to watch what you wanna show, then I would cheat with you. We'd lie to ourselves again... So I penetrate you and reach this core that is no longer your property, that is not your own prudery anymore.

I touch life behind your appearances !

Human being : Alixia

" A chaque instant jeu peux redécouvrir le monde... Each instant I can discover the world again..."

You think you're cold or hot ? But you are the Temperature ! You think you're ugly or beautiful ? But you are the Vision ! You think you're sad or happy ? But you're the Source of emotions !

You think you're human ? Why do you only think it ?

You think you're important ? You're the creator of importance, a game of the ego !

"Choosing Softness"
Human Being : Barbara

" Le monde entier est pure douceur si jeu le choisis ainsi ! The all world is pure softness if I choose it so !"

Human being : Stéphanie

" Plonger au coeur de moi me ramènera à la vie... Diving inside of me will put me back to life..."

I reveal my skin on yours, my muscles under your claws, my tenderness under your anger... I remember who I was, who I am, and who I will be, when I look deep into your limitations. Your limitations are beautiful... like a growing child. I carry them in the core of my heart, and you don't want to see them, you run away... you erase yourself !

But you can only run away from yourself... you never lose anything but yourself. You're the only one on earth ! You're the only one when you're loved... as you ARE love.

Quit crying, quit tearing you apart... It's beautiful ! Only beautiful... And you, you are the ocean and also the earth hugging it !"

"Fully adapted"
Human being : Barbara

"Elle s'est souvenue comment être humaine en harmonie avec la nature... She recalled how to be human in harmony with nature..."

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