July 20, 2009

The new official site of Jan Murphy

A new site is born : bravo Jan ! Our warmest congratulations ;)

"Holding myself strong"
Art Model Lady Blossom

" Welcome to Murphy’s Focus. I’m Jan Murphy, a Fine Art, Figure Photographer, Photographic Artist, UdA Art Editor and selectively, a commercial photographer.

From as young as I can remember I have been at ease with a camera in my hands. I wanted to share the world the way I see it. I wanted to capture my dreams - make them a reality. I found photography to be a fantastic outlet for this.
Here I am, many years wiser, with evolving styles and an artistic portraiture book out this year, still enjoying the road.

I believe that a photographer’s journey is long, so this site will be forever changing to reflect this."

"Dance like nobody is watching"
Art Model Cinnamon


Jan Murphy said...

Thank you Chris, this made my day :)

Shadowscapestudio said...

A very well put together site, Jan. Looks good and interacts well.

Jan said...

Thank you for your kind words shadowscapestudio - I appreciate your feedback.