August 20, 2009

1500th Article : from our readers, illustrated by SB

We asked our readers to bring their own comments to this party. As promised, here you are !

With joy and humility, thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

SB, Photographer, USA
Art Model Candace Nirvana

" I want to thank everyone at UdA for creating one of the best nude art resources. Your work amazes me.

I discovered this blog earlier this year and after subscribing to it, Chris warmly welcomed me. Shortly after that UL and others started looking at my blog and I've found new artist friends and comrades through it. I've also been honored to have been quoted in a few posts here.

One of the most valuable things I enjoy about this site is its diverse reach. It is so easy to just focus on art and censorchip in my region or country. By coming here, I enjoy and learn from the masters and budding artists from around the world. It is beautiful to see our art is growing everywhere the internet touches.

Once again, thank you for the continued quality and hard work you all put in to this. I will be back again tomorrow." SB

SB - "Old Chair 1"
Art Model Lisa

Scott Sullivan, Photographer, USA
"Love the statement you're leaving to the world."

Scott Sullivan - "Smoke and Mirrors"
Art Model Stephanie Cantrell

SB - "Toward the Light"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

SB - "Waiting"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

D.L. Wood
(Please D.L., if you have a link, tell us !)

" 1500 articles - what a wonderful testament of dedication. Chris saw a need of uncompromising and comprehensive reporting of this area of art and photography and stepped in to fill a void.

1500 articles - is also a testament of the recognition and appreciation the readers have for this bright spot on the web. When Chris had to bend to the whims of his illness, some of the readers would not let the flame dim. They stepped in and fanned the flame by helping in the research, writing, and the posting of article and images. The rest of us kept coming back even when the posts were slim or far apart so there was oxygen for the fire.

1500 articles - what a great archive of Art and Beauty. If you don't realize it as you peruse the content, please read the FAQ and you will see the effort it takes to put this treasure before us. Eight years of insight, over 50,000 images looked at, giving us over 330 wonderful artists to become acquainted with and know.

1500 articles - of diversity. This is not a site of art or photography. This is not a site of photographers or models. This is not a site of experienced or emerging artists. This is not a site of old or new traditions. This is not a site of old or new technology. This is a site of all this and more.

Thank you for the first 1500 and we look forward to the 3000th."

SB - "Details, Details, Details"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

Art is a question of detail.


Jan said...

Wow this made me emotional, it's so beautiful that the readers appreciate and see UdA for what it turly is - outstanding and selfless.

Thank you Chris, Carrie, UL and everybody else that makes this place special.

unbearable lightness said...

Jan, thanks to you, too. We are all a team, and the readers are the life blood!

SB said...

I am honored again to be on this site, especially in thanking you for this gift you have created to nude photography. Please keep at it, the world needs this.

unbearable lightness said...

SB, your words are so incredibly TRUE! I know Chris hates to be praised, but UdA has more class than any other art venue on the Internet, and he created it that way.