September 7, 2009

St Merrique : her blog is born !

We love St Merrique, Art Model, Singer, Author. She's a wonderful friend and a multi-talented Artist.

It was long time we were waiting for her own page, and her words, full of an emotion and a faith nobody can't miss. So :

All our congratulations St Merrique !
We'll read you daily with a great pleasure.

Charles E. Nevols
"Looking away"
Art Model St Merrique

Her first article :

Charles E. Nevols
"The round embrace"
Art Model St Merrique

" Here is a series that so inspired me on my first shoot in the Bay area with photographer Charles E Nevols.

I'm a nature girl and am passionate about anything that represents growth, change, and enlightenment to the higher self.
Being at one with Earth, and giving back the love she has given us ; going back to our roots, self-realization ; birth, reincarnation, death and rebirth ; the thinner lines between surrealism and the coffee we stir every morning ; don't forget yourself..."

Charles E Nevols - "Elegant descent"
Art Model St Merrique

Her new blog is here.
All the UdA articles about her : here.
Her space at Model Mayhem


Jan said...

This model is outstanding and one I would adore to work with due to her earth connection and being so at one with nature.

She creates passionate and outstanding images, and works with fabulous photographers to get that wow image.

Stunning and look forward to reading her blog. Thank you UdA.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great post wow... it's very


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing I wish I could go somwhere.