October 14, 2009

Jan Murphy's favorites

UdA Art Editor,

I wished to share with you all some of my recent favorite images. I wish to thank all the photographers and models out there who keep producing such high quality images and for selflessly sharing them with us readers.

Sylvie Blum -
'Straight Through You'
Art Model and UdA Art Editor Brooke Lynne -

Mark Varley -
Art Model Joceline

William Earle -
'Immovable Forces'
Art Model Keira Grant

Miss Carriage

Simon Pole
'Isolated Solitude'
Art Model Chrissie Red

Katarzyna Rzeszowska -

Markus Goerg
'Los Angeles3'
Art Model Katyt

Thank you to everybody for producing these images, keep up the amazingly inspiring work.


unbearable lightness said...

I have to confess, I am partial to the dance photography of Mark Varley and Markus Goerg. What a beautiful selection, Jan!

Jan said...

Thank you UL, I'm rather glad you like them :)
I have just been to see dance studio's today - really wish to photograph dance so watch this space.

Mark said...

Flattered to see my work among such fine imagery :o)