January 11, 2010

Magenta's Interview, by Howard Nowlan

An Interview with Art Model Magenta

"Never feel you have to do anything against your own values and dignity. Don't be afraid to be yourself, be honest and value your own integrity."

by Howard Nowlan,
UdA Art Editor

One of the real joys of working in this field is that of meeting other artists - photographers and models - who are involved wholeheartedly because they share a common passion to convey something of the splendor and beauty which surrounds us.

Almost four years ago, I was privileged to begin a very special artistic association with a very special model. Since that time, Magenta has developed her own creative skills in a variety of ways, including beginning to become a competent photographer in her own right.

Following a recent shoot together, we reviewed some of her recent work and future hopes to provide something of an introduction/update for UdA.

by Alex Ingram -
"The Womb of Nature"

How have things developed for you as a model, and in life generally, over the last few years ?

Where do I begin ! Well, to keep it short (and sweet ?), I have always loved drama and have sought to put a diploma in performing arts to good use in my creative/artistic endeavors. I just wish I had more time to perform as well as everything else.

The focus of much of my art, performing, make-up, body painting, hairstyling, dressmaking, and employing of creative ideas, has become my modeling.
Life just would not be the same without it.

by Perry (Imagesse) -
"Both Sides Now"

"I had the pleasure of working with Magenta yesterday - what a bundle of creative energy she is ! A very warm, friendly person with a brilliant, positive attitude. Definitely not a typical model, Magenta is an artist with a chameleon like quality that cannot fail to inspire. Despite the fact that I dragged her on a yomp across the wilds of Dartmoor on a very windy day, she never stopped smiling and worked really hard to produce the desired results. A very enjoyable collaboration all round." Perry.

by Laurie Jeffery -

The other key development has been working behind the camera, developing my skills in fashion, figure and social (weddings & portraiture) photography, taking and editing my work.

This has all allowed me to really engage with my art in a rich and diverse fashion, and become a creative consultant for Unison Photo Arts, working alongside Howard Nowlan and various models on numerous projects.

All this has to happen alongside the day job! I'm currently working through a qualification in Palliative and general care, as well as a 36 hour week in this field, so it's a case of working hard in all that I do.

by Russ Freeman
"Covered In Muddy Clay"

How would you say that creativity has enriched your life ?

It's such a joy to be a part of all this.

Creativity gives me a true sense of freedom, of being inspired and invigorated, that no 9-5 job usually offers. It enriches my life through the people I have the pleasure to work with (who are often as wonderfully crazy as me !).

I am very thankful to artists such as Laurie Jeffery and Alex Ingram for opportunities to expand in this field, and to local artists such as Maureen Douglas-Green. They have all helped fuel my own particular growth and interaction with this field.

That is what creativity allows : a true enriching of ourselves and life in general.

Your creative expression has certainly flourished in the last few years. What do you most enjoy in these fields ? Is there any particular desire or aspect of yourself which motivates and generates a common aim in all these diverse expressions of your passion to create ?

I think what drives me the most is aiming towards the end result. There's immense satisfaction in taking an idea from being just a thought to giving it full expression through art, even if that means using all of my (and others') skills to get there! Without bringing all the different skills and talents together, there simply would no beauty of this kind - that's what drives me.

What do you feel are the particular strengths that you bring to a project ?

Well, I think first would be a determination to see things through. Several of the projects over the last few years have been fairly long term, involving weeks, even months, of work in my free time to create a look, a costume, some choreography, and that's long before facing a camera. Employing such skills also often opens opportunities to learn new things, meet new people and experience something unexpected in this field, which is usually challenging but fun.

by Perry (Imagesse)
"Pining Away"

What things, on those, gray, wet days, inspire you ? What music or art do you enjoy ?

Too many to list ! I am a lover of life, so even on the dullest day, there can be things that make you realize just how amazing it is to be here.

What is it you look back on over the last year or so that has allowed you to become more enriched or perhaps has taught you something valuable ?

I'm fortunate to have a very supportive partner in all that I'm doing, who is there for me and is teaching me, patiently, that I'm not super-human (!), and sometimes I have to say no and not take on too much. That's a good, but sometimes hard lesson to learn.

How is 2010 looking for you ?

Well, there are several potential Unison art projects already in the works, and I'm hoping to complete some of my own solo ideas this year. Upgrading my digital camera is pretty close to the top of the list ! Hopefully, my modeling will continue to be a highly creative force as well.

by Perry (Imagesse)
"Pillar to Post"

Your experiences within the modeling field have been pretty diverse, so how do you look upon this field now, and how would you advise others that are just starting or considering this for themselves ?

Research is key ! Always be sure it's good and safe to work with someone first, and cross-reference with others (models and photographers) in the field to verify this if you're not sure. Never feel you have to do anything against your own values and dignity. Don't be afraid to be yourself, be honest and value your own integrity.

Make sure that you work with people who are equally trustworthy and honest, who want the best for you, and avoid those who are merely seeking to exploit.

It's when you're working in those fields that you can truly have fun, enjoy the work, and enlarge your own engagement with creativity.

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