July 19, 2010

Already 4 years...

And I've never seen the time passing... 4 years of devotion, working hard, searching a lot, watching thousands and thousands of pictures. Of course 4 years with some ups and downs, and three beautiful souls I'll ever regret... And so many Contributing Artists who have decided to do a trip with us.

Beginning this editorial, targetting the anniversary, I don't know at what audience I am speaking. You, the reader ? Strangely you come first, because you help the Art to keep alive. Or to you my dear Contributing Photographers and "Art Models", yes "Art". You, you keep me alive, who give a sense to my life , here prisonner between my four walls, sharing my home with a wheelchair, so precious to go to the kitchen at 2 meters from me... Without you, I'll be dead since a long time. It's a pure fact. Without you I die.

You bring me The Beauty, you open the doors of my heart. I forget my pains contemplating your work. And I want for you The Best, the best site to promote each of you who has given us her/his trust, the best layouts, the best words to describe all the work you have to do to realize these artworks we exhibit daily, and I'll never have enough space. They enlight my life, and better, even if I repeat myself, your creations are my reason to live.

You bring us also The Truth, the pure, the nude (reader I talk for you). And The Joy ! Wow ! How wonderful our world is... nude... far from the dark sides of the humanity... beyond the power of money and the paradoxes of Love. And no comments about your Passion ! You all began so young.

Finally, to make short, in the hell I'm living, perfectly knowing that I'll die soon, you're my only eden on earth, my last reason to believe in the human being.

Artist, Editors and Spectators, here, we can claim together how much Life is beautiful without ego, without clothes.

All that said, Happy Birthday Univers d'Artistes !

... And I see you all around a big cake with an enormous cherrie, one only thought in mind : Art is what we came for.

Cheers my Friends ! And a HUGE THANK.


Anonymous said...

HUGE TANKS goes to you! Your work helps me see all these amazing artist's work in one place. Following them through your eyes and words inspires my work. MANY THANKS!


Chris St James said...


|ris said...

Thank you for your continued support of so many talented photographers and models despite all the challenges you face.

Chris St James said...

Thanks Sharon ! Thanks Iris !