July 17, 2010

August, 21st, 2010 : the next workshop of Thorsten Jankowski

Don't miss it ! It's a wonderful opportunity to learn from a great Master.

Studio Nude Workshop

with Model Toyin from London.
Workshop instructor : Thorsten Jankowski

DATE : August, 21st, 2010

DURATION : 10.00 to 17.00
PLACE : Studio of "Braunschweiger Schule"
Bevenroder Strasse/Ecke Hungerkamp
38108 Braunschweig, Germany

FEE : 160 EUR (incl. noncommerc. image rights)

CONTACT & LEAD : Thorsten Jankowski

Thorsten Jankowski
Art Model Toyin


The main goal of this workshop is to enable participants to create fine art figurative nude photography that demonstrates their own unique vision.

The workshop teacher and models are available to guide and assist participants in the realization of their images.

Participants will direct the execution of their own shoots from concept to planning to production to final product.

Thorsten Jankowski
Art Model Toyin

You'll find his work and words at his website,
everywhere here inside, his interview.

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