July 31, 2010

"A Mere Glimpse", the new book of Vahid Naziri !

Congratulations Vahid ! And thanks to show us the entire book in Preview ;)

A Mere Glimpse by Vahid Naziri :
"I see you have finally arrived. Now, for a brief moment, the paths of our lives have intersected. And what do I have to show you? Mere glimpses. Moments not unlike this that I have frozen, a little piece of life that can be held, held still, but, still breathing." Vahid Naziri

Square, 100 pages, Premium Paper.

Hardcover, Dust Jacket EUR €30,95
Hardcover, ImageWrap EUR €33,95


Inside :

"Eternity of calmness"

"My House"
Art Model Katy T

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Vahid Naziri said...

Thank you so much, Chris. It's so very nice of you.

Chris St James said...

My pleasure Vahid ;)