July 15, 2010

The new site of Beau eRomantica

A new site is born ! Congratulations Beau !

Beau, you still have an official site, so what is the goal of this new one ?

"I will be renovating eRomantica shortly and maintaining them both, but I wanted to pay tribute to some of the models I have been working with, and this seemed like the right way to do it.

The more Classical work (influenced by the French Nude !) will remain on Pure-Nude-Art while the Colour, Manipulations, Glamour, etc, will go on to eRomantica."

"Summer Shower"
Art Model Dollybeck -

About Pure-Nude-Art

" Specializing in creating images of intimacy and love, by depicting couples and individuals as empowered, caring and joyful. These are images that are designed to be looked back on over the years and enjoyed more and more as the years take a toll.

Take a moment to view the personal moments of some of the people that we have worked with - images that they will be proud of, forever.

"The Club Chair 4"
Art Model Raquel

With their permission, some of these images have been exhibited as art pieces in galleries and for greeting cards and coffee table books. Many are for their own album and to grace the walls of their home. Most are not shown here and may be available as Limited Edition Art Prints.

Whether to capture their youthfulness, as a gift for a partner or to fulfill a personal ambition, these people have given me their trust - so be critical of the artist, but give the greatest respect to the people represented here.

Some will go on to model professionally, some have modeled before, some are happy to have explored this far, but all serve as a role model for each of us."

"The Puzzle"
Art Models Cassandra and Jenn

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