July 23, 2010

Vlad Eftenie - Something Strange

You'll find Vlad Eftenie, from Romania, at his official site, deviantART.

Featured by Anca Cernoschi, photographer, UdA Editor.

'Strange soup'

The conceptual photographs of Vlad Eftenie invite us to fantastic interpretations. They reach surreal in a lyric manner.
The depersonalised characters create an imaginary world, an almost impossible universe where the humour becomes the desperate solution for a man who feels absurdity to the bone.
Brought into the frame, each of the elements acquires a symbolic character, here the nakedness is just a pretext.
Unusual is the aesthetic treatment, we do not indulge in rich tones of his street photographs any more but gives us a very simple framework, essential. The light remains an important element, closing the frame or, on the contrary, opens it, inviting outside the frame, to search more. The meaning of each archetypal image is freely delivered to be interpreted (translated) by the viewer.
The photographs invite us to interpretations but don't need outside confirmations, being alive at the limit between universes.

Welcome to him and a big thanks !

'Strange soup II'

'Tea for two'

'Strange soup III'

'The mirror'


'Strange bird'

'Strange chapter'

'Strange cloud'

'Strange cloud II'

'Strange nest'

'Strange skin'

'Strange fruit'

Vlad Eftenie ©

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