October 15, 2015

The Digital Art of Max Sauco

Member since 2010

Max Sauco writes it so well :

"I confess that about 10 years ago I used to experiment on my spectators using certain esoteric knowledge. It used to be amusing then. Now many things have changed, still stereotypes need to be destroyed so as not to get stuck in the passivism and ignorance of the reality. When one understands what I want to convey and what I felt when creating the work – this is an extremely exciting experience for me.

I would be happy to act as a guide in exploration of the world. And it would be cool if everyone understood that they and their whole environment are the God’s creation. The world is actually beautiful but too bad that we fail to notice this or plainly don’t want to notice this too often."

Art Model Eva

"My Pushkin"


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