May 20, 2011

By Andrew Cumberland : "Dark Miss Muffet" series story

By Andrew Cumberland, a close friend and talented photographer from Australia.

his Fine Art site, his landscapes, wildlife and courses site, his interview, his first feature, all about him here inside.

"I really enjoyed my Breaking of Alice series. So I thought about twisting another fairy tale. I decided to use Little Miss Muffet as the setting for this set of photos. I found a model who I thought could do some great work, Maylin Evenis. And, so was born, Dark Miss Muffet.

Dark Miss Muffet

Sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.

Down came a spider

Like that would scare this Muffet away!

I think Maylin made Dark Miss Muffet proud! It was a fun shoot and I was very happy with the results – oh and that Little Miss Muffet never seemed so powerful in the stories I was told as a child!"

Wandering Southeast Queensland

Available at : blurb

" Come on an amazing journey around Southeast Queensland with photographer, Andrew Cumberland. Short but informative snippets will keep you amused and surprised. The stunning photography will keep you awestruck at the diverse range of natural beauty held in one small area of the State of Queensland, Australia. Wander south, west and north in search of the ultimate prize - the perfect photographic image."

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