July 13, 2011

Heather Morris is Pinkerbell

Heather Morris (Pinkerbell2 on deviantArt, Pinkerbell on Purestorm) is a British model who has made a name for herself as an art nude and fetish model ever since she was discovered two years ago, at the age of thirty -six (yes, there is scope for women over thirty to model if they have the necessary talent).

 Since then she has gone from strength to strength, having worked with some of the best photographers in UK, from Mark Varley (contributing artist) for whom she has been a Muse from the beginning of her career to the great  China Hamilton.

"The Fragile" by Mark Varley

I consider myself among the luckiest people in the world to be doing something I love so much for a living. 

I fell into it almost by accident nearly two years ago after a lingering illness meant I had to resign from my position as a PA and I needed something flexible to allow me to return to full-time work at my own pace. Those plans to return to a 'proper job' are now on indefinite hold! My ever so slightly frivolous working name Pinkerbell was a nickname long before I started modelling. It was given to me by my rather lovely Mother-in-Law after a Ladies' night event where my ballgown left a trail of glitter wherever I went!

(Editor's note: Pinkerbell according to
Urban Dictionary is a very sexy girl who likes pink and loves the 8o's. Maybe she meant Tinkerbell? Smiles.)

My favourite pictures

"The zen of anger" by Mark Varley

One of my very first bookings was with Mark Varley and one of my all time favourites; "Zen of Anger" was from that first shoot. The concept was Mark's idea and as he directed me into position, he managed to capture my expression, just as I 'got' the joke!

"Thirteen" by China Hamilton

This is my favourite image from an exceptionally intense shoot with the wonderful China Hamilton

"Rhodes 4" by Art Zilio

I have been drawn to architectural ruins since I was a child, so an opportunity to shoot with Art Zilio in Rhodes was a dream come true.

On my return from Rhodes, I opened my dA mail to find this one had received a Daily Deviation!

"Reclined" by KL Photography

(Editor's note: a Daily Deviation is an image chosen by deviantArt admin to showcase to the membership. It usually receives many hits and comments and gets the selected member in the spotlight)

"Creation" by Mark Varley

I've always posed instinctively, but on seeing this photograph, it dawned on me that a childhood obsession with classical art and sculpture had provided a solid grounding. This particular image was unintentionally inspired by Michelangelo's Creation of Adam

"Alabaster" by Dingo Dave

Experimenting with infra-red photography with Dave Ellis working with and exploring a new medium was really energising, creatively speaking, and is an area we definitely want to develop further.

"Tempest" by Mark Varley

"Tempest" was shot at a beautiful little ruined church just down the road from me. The trip was only really meant to be a quick 'recce' as the weather was unpredictable at best, but wild horses couldn't have dragged me down from that alcove once I'd set eyes on it!

"Human Geometry" from an exciting shoot with Rod Scivyer spent dodging dog-walkers along the canals of Nothamptonshire! The lock gates are a wonderful example of the beauty and functionality typical of the craftsmanship during the industrial revolution. I wish I could say I had thought of using the footholds this way, but it was Rod who asked me to curve myself along them to get this image.

"Human geometry" by Rod Scivyer

"Aurous" by Mark Varley

"Aurous" was the perfect end to a perfect day! At this point in the evening, Mark Varley and I were both exhausted and exhilarated, having spent a good 10 hours exploring and shooting. We didn't quite make it till sunset, so this was the last shot of the day.



the fallen angel social club said...

some wonderful images

best wishes


David Winge said...

She's one of my absolute favorite models!! Just Amazing and I would so love to work with her.

Alex said...

Oh definitely. Heather is a fantastic model, her confidence in front of the camera really makes a picture, another model would not be able to deliver quite the same results. Some photographers believe the credit for the picture is entirely theirs. But without a confident and competent model the picture will not work.

dave ellis said...

Fantastic to see Heather featured here - she is an exceptionally talented model and great fun to be around.
I'm sure her career (and hopefully our working relationship) will continue to go from strength to strength.