July 19, 2011

Meet China Hamilton, Master of Fine Art Erotic Photography

I am really excited and proud to offer to our followers this interview with China Hamilton, undisputed master of Fine Art Erotic Photography. Mr Hamilton has kindly chosen for us eight of his favourite images and indicated why he likes them.

First, a concise bio.

China Hamilton, from Norbury, is an artist as well as a photographer. His tutelage in life drawing was under the renowned Fred Janes and he has been taking photographs since his teens. Mr Hamilton is one of the leading fine art photographers of the 20th century. He has received awards and accolades worldwide. and has published many books. His work has inspired generations of erotic photographers. In 1996 he was awarded the global title of Erotic Photographer of the Year.

"His work has often examined the darker side of female sexuality alongside his more traditional erotic pictures. Much of his later work is inspired by sadomasochistic subjects. This particular theme has made this aspect of his work controversial though its reflection upon the power and private expression of women has brought a new sensitivity and respect to this subject. "

More about Mr Hamilton and his philosophy can be found on his website

But let us hear him speak of his photography.

China Hamilton on China Hamilton
"I do not like, on a personal level all my work by any means, even if it passes my rigorous standards. Eight images is also too tight a group and so much has been left out. A number that I have chosen are powerfully explicit and sexually erotic. There is a long standing misunderstanding that fine art erotic photography has to follow certain rules of delicacy. The only rule that I work by is that my subject should be comfortable and at ease completely with her sexuality and that she should be portrayed as powerful and beautiful, even if submissive".

"One" by China Hamilton

I have always found restful comfort in this picture, there is a natural tranquillity in the image. The contemplation of the female, naked form sometimes needs to inhabit this space.

"Two" by China Hamilton

My subject here had a wonderful, erotic imagination, her lean and androgynous form embodies so much that is natural and potent in a woman. There is no hint of surrender to the shackles that bind her yet I know that it was a position and pose that aroused her deeply. There was significance about where the picture was taken. 'Camp 18' an old abandoned WWII prisoner of war camp in the north of England. The lighting was powerful summer sun that sent its fingers into the old building.

"Three" by China Hamilton

This is one of my eternal pictures of the rampant and displayed female bottom. She was a great Mistress and yet in her own private world she wanted to be seen so openly and so symbolically restrained by the historic manacles. The pose itself is lustful, the arching of the back and the thrusting and spreading of the full buttocks is all from her, to share with those who look.

"Four" by China Hamilton

This is to me a moment of pure erotic and sexual abandonment. It is so completely woman, the used and sated lover upon the bed, a woman in her dreams. A woman of our dream.

"Five" by China Hamilton

Here is my favourite picture of my great muse and lover, there is little that I can add as I feel the picture communicates it all, the pure beauty of the naked back and the utterly, intimate connection held in the expression of the face.

"Six" by China Hamilton

This is perhaps my ultimate corporal punishment picture of mine from so many. The pleasure of the cane is real for this woman who I have worked with over many years. Yet, without a bottom insight, the story is so clearly told of one of the oldest of sexual pleasures. It does though hold a question, is it before or is it after such punishing attentions?

"Seven" by China Hamilton

Strangely it is not the obvious statement of this picture that draws me back to it but its lighting and its beauty, or rather, her beauty.

"Eight" by China Hamilton

This image holds many of the triggers that I seek and use again and again in my work. The wrists look restrained yet they are not, the lighting is all and the pose mysterious, perhaps erotic, certainly beautiful but equally full of questions that only others can ask and can answer.

These are such beautiful images! Thank you very much Mr Hamilton for sharing the beauty of your work with us at UdA. Wishing you well in your future projects


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Such beauty in your masterworks.

Clover said...

Fantastic interview with such an incredible artist.