July 8, 2011

Tansy-Blue: it's all about taking risks.

The minimum age for art nude models is eighteen. Anyone under eighteen is a child and cannot be photographed without clothes on.

UdA welcomes a model who turned eighteen only a few months ago and has already dozens and dozens of shoots under her belt.

Based in London, still studying for her A' levels, Tansy-Blue has also a great talent for writing and her journals on deviantArt have quite a following.

Tansy is proof that modelling without an agency and operating solely through the internet works well.

By Hugh Alison

She joined Purestorm on 26th January 2011 and she already has at least forty-four references left by the many photographers she has worked with, all very positive. Each one praises her for her enthusiasm and for her keen interest in art nude photography.

Tansy does not rely on looks alone, it is her intelligence and determination to make a good image that make her stand out.

Neither petite nor tall and leggy, Tansy is a full figured art model able to demonstrate great flexibility and agility. There are hundreds of (in modelling terms) classically beautiful, slender eighteen year olds. Tansy is different and quite unique.

I have asked her, on behalf of UdA, to tell us her story and talk to us about her favourite images.

How I began

by Bill Morton "Chair"

When I was about 14 years old I discovered art. I'd always had a passing interest in it but I was too scared of being mocked by my peers if I expressed this interest. Then, by chance, I discovered deviantART, and thought it was awesome. I began to spend a lot of time browsing, discovering artworks in a wide variety of styles. At first I was mainly interested in cartoon wolves and horses, but eventually my interests began to sway towards photography in general, and towards fine art nude photography.

by Simon Richardson

Mosh was the first model who introduced me to the concept of a model as more than a prop, a model as an essential part of the creative team. Eventually, I realised that I wanted this role in the creative team (as well as holding the camera, which I do on occasion; though I'm currently on a photography break and rarely identify myself as a photographer). I wanted to be an enabling force that allows photographers to create the images in their minds. I wanted to create shapes and poses and arrange myself in front of the light in such a way that the photographer cannot fail but make something beautiful.

I started modelling when I was 17, with my parents' consent, as a life model, at a special event for new models at the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society (where I now pose regularly). Through a couple of lucky breaks, I landed a few photosessions as well, enabling me to sign up to Purestorm and Model Mayhem very soon after my 18th birthday. Plenty of photographers messaged me - and it went from there.

My favourite photographs.
There are quite a few images for which I modelled that I truly love. Here is a selection.

"Escape 2"
by Akif Hakan Celebi (former contributing artist of UdA)

This is from my first shoot with the incomparable Akif Hakan Celebi, whose work I truly admired. I was thrilled to have a chance to shoot with him. He was the first photographer I shot with, and the experience was invaluable in my development as a model. He taught me important lessons about what is and isn't normal on a shoot, and impressed upon me the importance of stringent reference checks. Thanks Hakan, you taught me so much in such a short space of time; I will never forget shooting with you or the importance of my safety.

by Simon Richardson

This is from an early shoot. It's an example of what has become my signature style (if I can be said to have a signature style!) - bendy, athletic art nude, and a willingness to take risks.

by Pierus "Sequence"

This series of images is special to me because it's the only nude images of me that my mother has seen, not considered porn, and even liked. Living with my parents as a young art nude model causes plenty of conflicts; it's not always easy, and I wish my mother felt this way about all my work.

by Sean Buckley "Untitled"

I remember feeling very ill on the day this was shot. I asked for breaks extremely frequently and just was'nt up for much. And yet I managed to help the photographer achieve this shot, which is both in my portfolio and his.

by Gdelargy "Serenity and Turbulence"

Again with the risk taking! This is a very recent image that I'm extremely proud of. It is not perfect by a long shot (no pun!) but I'm so proud of myself for overcoming cold, damp, danger, and general discomfort/fear to get it. There are several imperfections in the pose I could point out to you - but I'm too proud of myself for sitting on a rock in a plunge pool, holding my own against the force of the water on my back , to be worried about them.

by Adrian Hexter "TansyBlue 08"

Yet another risk taking image . I set this image up myself. I basically said to Adrian "Okay, stand here, I'm going to pose there, I want you to zoom out and show me tiny against the cliff face". I also lost my glasses while doing this and had to go home from Wales on the train blind, which was quite an adventure. It's a story telling image to me.

By Adrian Hexter "Tansy Blue 06"

I am so proud of myself in this image. This is a pose I have seen done by several art nude models whom I greatly admire and respect; it took me months to figure out how to do it myself and when I did I was very excited.

By Hugh Alison "Tansy"

This image was an utter bitch to get. We drove for about 90 minutes across one of the emptiest parts of Britain while I snoozed in the back of the car )and got dribbled on by his adorable weimaraner). Then got out, spent less than 10 minutes naked in the freezing wind (me, not him!), took two good shots, and go straight back in the car. It was great, a really condensed quick shooting. I like shooting under unusual conditions and in a short period of time.

by Lee Brown "Untitled"

I am throwing this image out there for no other reason than that I really like it and you can barely see me. Images like this reassure me that modelling is'nt just about ego boosting. I love to create images like this, in which I am utterly anonymous and it is pure line and shape. My identity is irrelevant

There are other images I feel very proud to have been part of, such as those taken by the talented Neil Huxtable, of which unfortunately I do not have suitable copies. But they can be seen in the photographer's online portfolios (Editor's note: you can view them here and here). Hopefully, as I continue in my modelling there will be more images to come.

Indeed, Tansy. In just under a year you seem to have achieved so much. The sky is your limit. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you and wishing you all the very best in your chosen career.

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