August 1, 2011

Sunshineinthe desert: modelling in your fifties

Sunshineinthedesert started modelling at 54. Find her on deviantArt and also her blog, 55 and doing what? I have interviewed her for UdA and asked her to talk about her favourite images in her portfolio.

How did it all start?

"Naked Tree" by Still Metallic

I started to model as a fine art nude model in the spring of 2010. I had completed two shoots previously in 2008 with a partner of mine; however, I had never considered myself a model. Said partner encouraged me in the spring of 2010 to sign onto Model Mayhem and One Model Place and give it a go. 

Performing arts have always been a part of my life since an early age. I started with dance classes when I was five or six. Then in high school I was extremely active in Theatre as well as Modern Dance. I went on to complete a degree in Theatre Arts at University.

Dance, singing, and acting have been a very big part of my life. Modeling seemed to be a natural progression of my performing abilities. The main difference being it is nearly always an audience of one. The results being viewed by others - but the actually "doing" is a private collaboration of photographer and model.

I have now had the opportunity to work with numerous talented photographers. Nearly all I consider to be lifelong friends. This particular art medium seems to attract interesting and highly intelligent people. To a one I have been entertained and delighted to be in their company.

My favourite images


I recently had the pleasure of shooting with an outdoor photographer I consider one of the best. His images are breathtaking. This pose was one I suggested. I knew when James pushed the shutter that we would have a great image. That doesn't always happen, but it's a thrill when it does.

"Shopping Spree" by D. Keith Furon

This image was taken while traveling in France with D. Keith. We both wanted an image taken on the streets of Paris. We were told by another photographer who lives there that this was impossible. That's all we needed to hear. My raincoat was "at the ready", but we got the shot we wanted.

"Afternoon delight" by Dave Swanson, Shadowscape Studios

Dave Swanson and I have shot together many times since last November. His previous images of this area always intrigued me. This is a very busy canyon at Starved Rock; however, timing is everything. We waited for a group to leave - driven off by the mosquitoes - and then I waded into the water under the falls. Gorgeous capture in a gorgeous location - Dave's signature.

"Cavern Curve" by  B.H. Fotografik

This image recently received a "Daily Deviation" on deviantArt. It has now been viewed over 11,000 times. Thanks to those that suggested it. When Bruce and I were working in this side area of this slot canyon I knew I wanted to meld my body as much as possible into the landscape. The first time I had the chance to view the images from this shoot THIS was the image I loved the most.

"Waterfall" by A. Fein Photo
I worked with Aaron only briefly one morning on Kauai. He is the youngest photographer I have worked with to date - and, I am the oldest model he has worked with. Such a talent at such a young age. I just had to include one of his images. And who wouldn't want an image as beautiful as this in their port - the ubiquitous waterfall shot.

"The Dunes" by J. Stemmer Photography

I have only had the opportunity to shoot with this photographer once. But, do I have some drop dead gorgeous images from this shoot. The light was perfect, the blue drape so lovely against the white dunes, and, I got to show off a few dance moves in the process.

"Pebbles in the Lake" by Shadowscape Studios

Another one by Dave. Really love the shimmering water

"Struggle to be Relevant" by David Winge
David is such a joy to work with. Enthusiastic and so knowledgable about the desert. He knows every nook and cranny of our desert landscape. David's another one that shoots like crazy. He shared with me that his muse Pearl gives him "the finger" when she thinks he should stop. A morning spent driving around in Rocks Anne is a great morning.

"Ripples under foot" by Still Metallic

Ian and I have shot many times together. He is one of the nicest men on the face of the planet. And, I think he has taken more beautiful images of me than any of my other photographers. There is a chemistry between us that is so special. It was difficult to chose a single image to share as there are so many. Models - RUN to work with this man you will not regret a moment of your time.

Thank you Sunshineinthedesert! You are a true inspiration to all models for your daring and joi de vivre!


Allison said...

Kudos on your whole-hearted participation in making great art! As a fellow art model, I salute your devotion to pursuit of a really lovely or moving composition. Long may it last!

Phydeau said...

Wonderful interview.

And I absolutely love the rocks on the bottom image.

PixelPerfect Photography said...

Outstanding article and photographs of a truly wonderful art model!! Thanks for featuring her!! Sunshineinthedesert is AWESOME!

Josefina said...

Great interview & I love all the photos! She's amazing!