September 5, 2011

diversity in nude art photography

I’m not looking at you
Matt Blum
Art Model: Brooke Lynne

Dance To The Blues

David Winge
       Art Model: Nevaehlleh

White Body Paint

Scott Nichol (Silvery Stars)
Art Model: Katlyn Lacoste

Jonathan Kane 
Art Model: Chloe 

Clay Lipsky
Art Model: Nettie r Harris

Xaina for Black, White, and Red project

Mark Bigelow
Art Model: Xaina

"when all the ordinary sinners take flight
 no one will ever see your wings…"

Vernon Trent
Art Model: Candice Nirvana

Tito Trelles MADE IN NY
Art Model: Luzia

...and deliverance 
Art Model: Cwen

* * * * * editor's note:
in the past few years there has been a drastic boost to the diversity of fine art photography and specifically, figurative nude art photography.
Contributing to this phenomenon are:
~ the availability of new digital cameras and digital editing technologies.
~ The new web based "social networks" specific to this industry have also made it very easy for models and artists to find each other,
~ and in addition the collective exhibit websites/galleries like DeviantArt, Tumblr and many more have made this art easily accessible to public

Here I have selected a very small, yet accomplished collection of work from these exhibits.
I am also hoping to celebrate this diversity on a regular basis in the future.
please feel free to leave you comment below.

as well if you like to contact me personally, please send a note to:


Alex said...

lovely piece. thank you .mosa

|ris said...

What a beautiful feature!

.mosa said...

thank you Alex, thank you Iris

Christian Pélier (Chris St James) said...
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Nude Photography said...

This is so impressive. I love that they were all tastefully shot. Looks sensual but not vulgar. Totally gorgeous.

Vernon Trent said...

merci merci :)