October 17, 2011

I'm a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Despite her confessed exhibitionism, you'll see that in details, JLH never posed nude or I didn't find. It's a mistery and a triumph which proove her strength in the terrible Hollywood men's world. I can't imagine the number of requests she receives nor the amount of money she refuses. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt
February 21, 1979,, Waco, Texas, U.S.
1,57 m
Actress, television producer, author, television director, singer, songwriter

Her best photographs
 Unknown photographers

JLH, an exhibitionist who assumes

To compare with the actual big size of her breast. No breast operation found.

Jennifer Love Hewitt told :

 "I’m fascinated with the “Jennifer Love Hewitt breast” sites, it makes me laugh. If they focus on my breasts, it’s fine with me ! My breasts have a career of their own."

She must be very happy ! In 2017, it was the up beginning of her "Jennifer Love Hewitt breast" first page on Google. You see 5 fakes because she's the number 1 of the most faked celebrities (one very good up left) :


Some of her public exhibitions
The variations of her breast size is evident

Her nude-non nudes missed tries
Colors often give a too erotic mood, as say a lot of photographers


October 10, 2011

The three facets of Nicole Kidman

By James White for Harper's Bazaar, 
December 2013

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Mary Kidman, 20 June 1967, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
1,80 m

Nicole Kidman is one of the tallest actress. She was during a long time complexed by her size and didn't believe in her actress' career. She told it to The Sun :

"I didn't know whether I could become an actress because I was so tall and gangly. I wish I could have known, at the time, that it was character building."

This article needed three parts : her best in BW, her strange erotic shooting I still don't understand, and Nicole as Marilyn Monroe in a controversial series, too tall, small breast, eyes color, I agree.

After hours and hours of search, I can say she did a lot of bad color photographs, modelling is not her job, but Fabien Baron did a beautiful indoors series where we forget the star to see the woman :

For Interview Magazine, October 2015, she was 48.

Photographers unknown

The mysterious shooting

In these ugly pictures (not captures of movies), Nicole Kidman made me speechless. I found nothing about this incredible exhibition far from her soft image. Maybe was she drunk and more ? Maybe is it an idea of his partner who published them on the net ? Anyway, I'm disappointed by such a bad taste, and, I confess, a little happy to see her nude truth. 

By the way, you see she can't be a good impersonator of Marilyn Monroe.

Why ? It's still a mistery I want to elucidate.

For Australian Harper's Bazaar, February 2008

For its 10th anniversary, Australian Harper's Bazaar staged a photo shoot of Nicole Kidman as Marilyn Monroe :
“I've always longed to look like Marilyn Monroe but I've always had trouble putting weight on in the right places.”

She's right. She tried, oups, missed. However, I appreciate the series :