July 21, 2012

The photography of Hendrik Kroenert

Hendrik in his own words:

At the beginning of 2006 I met my companion Melanie who unfortunately died in 2010. She was very active on deviantArt so I joined dA myself as Niemans. At first I only watched, but after a while I became infected by her creativity and began to explore the art of photography. I bought a bridgecam, but soon recognized that this camera did not fit my needs. I sold it and bought my first DSLR in March 2008. Shortly after, I attended my first workshop and that drew me into photographing people. I think it was also in 2008 when I tried film photography and bought my first medium format camera from a friend. At first I used more digital when shooting, but nowadays I try to capture more and more images on film. My main focus is on artistic nude photography: I like photographing women. Bored by too sterile digital studio images, I try to work at home or better still at the model's place or any other interesting new location. Also my models don't have to be thin and have a perfect skin. I believe every woman has something beautiful, and I'm trying to show it. Clothes are masquerades and I want to show my models without that. Just their humanity, not hiding beneath cloth. My work has been influenced by photographers like Alexander Bergström, Neil Huxtable and several other artists on deviantArt.

Big Beautiful Curves
This is about showing the beauty that lies in women with curves through an very abstract, graphical approach

Silistra - My first art-nude shoot back in december 2009.


Generations: If I can find more matching models I would like to make a series out of that theme.

Orchideen-Lady -  I really like that Polaroid. Too bad Fuji ceased the production of the FP-100B shortly after the picture was taken.

Merdeuse - Sometimes I like to provoke a little

New Body

Many thanks indeed Hendrik for sharing your work with us. We wish you all the very best for the future.

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