April 8, 2012

Grzegorz Kulinski's interview

"Shoot like you want, not the way others want you to do it."

Dear Greg, how did your passion for photography begin ?

I think I begun like many others. One day I’ve found my fathers old range-finder camera in drawer and I made only 3 good shots. It was 12 years ago. Then I bought my first german SLR camera. But the “real” photography started when I got my first AF Nikon camera. I’ve worked during my studies, and I’ve spent six month salary to get it. From this point I started to take pictures of people. Later, on photo extravaganza, I’ve met some professional photographers, one of them liked my photos and he let me use his studio for some shots.

" Lollipop"

Where did you learn your art ?

I’m a self-learner. At my beginnings, I made shots, and then asked to my friends for critique, or I spent hundreds of hours in public library watching books with photos. Also working in photo store was also great help, because I’ve met a lot of art students and professional photographers, and asked them for harsh critique. I think, I can always learn something new. Even now, when I see new photography book, it takes me 20 seconds to buy it.

"Want to be whiped ?"
Model Viki

And is it your only job ?

Mainly yes, but sometimes I make some graphics designs like websites, posters or business cards. It’s my acquired profession.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

Not really long. I love taking photos, I try to put all my “brain and heart” in every photo I take. Few times I’ve regretted that I don’t have camera with me, so I try to have my camera with me all the time. It’s the first thing I pack when I go somewhere, even if it’s to meet my friends.

Who are your favorite photographers ?

I would have to put a really large list to answer this question, but my favorites are Helmut Newton, Leonard Nimoy and Jan Saudek, and I love photography from the 70’s.

"Laundry 1"

How long dit it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

My style came out two years ago, on my second nude shoot. On the first one, idea was to make some glamour-nudes. I did the shoot and few days after, when I looked again at photos and discovered I don’t like them at all. So next time, I made photos the way I “felt” they should be. Every pose and light setup was an experiment. And this is how it came out.

I like strong black’s and shadows. My photos are simple, but it makes viewer focus on main subject. I try to hide something in the shadows, instead of croping it. I use tight crops rarely. It’s not a very popular “kind of style” right now.

"Laundry II"

Is your photography mostly nudes ?

Yes, because for me it’s the simplest definition of beauty. I make simple B-W photos to focus viewer on outstanding female body shape, parts or curves. Body is beautiful, so it doesn’t need dresses or make-up. Finding pose suitable for model is the challenge I like above all.

"Laundry III"

"Body 1"

What is your process of creation ?

I strive for perfection. I try to plan every detail of shoot. But during the shooting there are always changes. Some poses don’t look as good as I want. Sometimes new ideas come or model has some suggestions, so it’s never form A to Z as I planed.

What locations do you tend to use mainly ?

I prefer to shoot in studio. I like to have full control on light. It also gives comfort and quiet which I need to focus on shots. Few times, bad weather spoiled my plans, so I dont go out unless I find some perfect location. Beside it’s not so simple to find good outdoor location for shots, quiet without “crowd”.

Art Model Elizabeth

Some words about your models ?

Finding right model is not so simple, especially when it comes to nudes. I try to work with amateur and pro models. It depends on type of photos. For me it doesn’t matter if model is a pro or amateur, only result counts. I like when I say what I want and model does that, but sometimes working from the”beginning” gives nice results , and can be a lot of fun. I try to look for models almost everywhere, friends, internet, sometimes in the street.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Most times I feel satisfied but it only lasts for few days. Then I find some things that I could do different or better, I could change this or that. Finally I wind up with some photos I generally like and lot of ideas for new shots. It’s like a chain reaction.

Art Model Ela

Art Model Claudia

Art Model Inya

Have you some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

I want to make exhibition of nudes, and I want to win a photo contest in nudes category.

Where have you been published ?

My photo got distinction in Fotoerotica contest on polish edition of Playboy, so it will be published in February or March.

Bravo !!! What a good news ! Before we leave, maybe a message to send ?

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. One good photo is worth it, even if it takes hundred bad to take it. Do it like you want, not the way others want you to do it.

Thanks a lot dear Greg ! Come back soon !!!

Art Model Ela

Grzegorz Kulinski ©

April 6, 2012

Gavin Bell's interview

"Quite often I may run inside and grab my camera to shoot something, inspired by how light falls across it (an insect, a flower, my kids, a sunset)." Gavin Bell

" I am inspired by the photographers of old... The nudes of Ruth Bernhard, the surealism of Man Ray, the detail of Ansel Adams, the simplicity (and complexity) of Harry Callahan...

I like the way shadow falls across a face, the body... ...the texture of stone, of bark on a tree...

I like to shoot in Black White film and the grain of a silver gellatin print, the solitude of a darkroom, the control of a studio...

Moreso I like meeting and shooting interesting people to capture interesting images..."

"Statue of Jennie"

"Beauty treatment"

" ... a behind the scenes image... I think she was in shock when she saw herself !" Gavin Bell

Gavin, could you tell us how did your passion for photography begin ?

I started photography as a distraction after my father died. The more I learnt, the greater the hunger. My first art nude was a copy shot of Man Ray’s Le Violin d’Ingres with my wife. Then it became a ‘runaway train’. I was addicted to the whole process, the planning, the directing, the problem solving, post production, all with the aim to produce an image to be proud of.

Art Model Dollybeck

"This was taken in the middle of a vinyard at sunset. I have tried options of BW and sepia, but lose the sunset effect."

After your father's death... The way for creation is so strange. And did you learn your art somewhere ?

Most of my technical knowledge and influences came from the Centre for Creative Photography here in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a great melting pot of fine art photographers of every genre. I am still learning and self evaluate after a shoot of what I could have done better as well as welcome critique from others. Hopefully I never stop learning and my photography continually evolves and improves.

"The Red Rose"
Art Model Isobella

An artist never stops learning... Is it your only job ?

Photography is a hobby (although my wife would call it an obsession). I am self employed in finance, which allows some flexibility when I shoot.

Talking about obsession, how long could you be far from your camera ?

Not far these days. Quite often I may run inside and grab my camera to shoot something, inspired by how light falls across it (an insect, a flower, my kids, a sunset). With digital photography a lot of spare time is also spent on Photoshop, playing with images.

Who are your favorite photographers ?

My favorite would be Marc Riboud. I never tire of his images, the subject matter, the composition. I like the way Harry Callahan thinks. He was a master of composition, from the complexity to the simplicity. My favorite nude photographers would be Ruth Bernhard, a pioneer in figure studies and more recently Helmut Newton.

"Picture This"
Art Model Anne Duffy

"Things of Shade and Colour..."
Art Model Anne Duffy

You work on a wide range of themes. Could you define your style ? What do you prefer ?

Actually I try hard to work any many themes. My first choice of where to shoot would be the studio, regardless of the genre. In the studio my first choice would be an art nude. However, I love shooting portraits, fashion, etc. The process is the same, as is the model interaction. My first love is to produce an image with artistic merit. I was once referred to as a nude photographer and this didn’t sit well. I prefer to be known as a photographer… someone who can shoot any topic of any style with some degree of proficiency.


Art Model Anne Duffy

 So, your photography isn't mostly nudes ?

Most of what is seen on online portfolios would be heavily weighted towards art nudes. I quite often shoot in both 35mm and Medium Format B & W film of a broad range of themes. Rarely does this get scanned, preferring to develop with traditional processes. I think there is something special about film that doesn’t translate to a digital image.

Do you plan every details of your shootings ?

I usually start with an idea. When you shoot against a blank screen, there is little to inspire (other than the model) from the environment, as apposed to an outdoor shoot, where the scenery is part of the creative process. I usually have an idea of a lighting style, whether it is high key or low key. I quite often plan ideas for days ahead of a shoot, but once I am in the studio it becomes more organic. Once I see how the light falls across the model ideas come quite quickly. I encourage the model to contribute to bring out their personality.

"Soaking Up The Sun"
Art Model Dollybeck
Hi all, "I have worked with Gavin and wanted to let you know that he is extremely professional in his work and trustworthy. He is both creative and fun to work with !!" Donna

"The Stable"
Art Model Dollybeck

Some words about your models ?

With art nudes there has to be trust for the model to be comfortable. I have a great deal of respect for all the models I shoot who have placed faith in me to produce an image that shows them in the best light. More importantly, without the model I cannot practice my art, so they are the most valuable resource to me.

"Dream Catcher"
Art Model Peach

"Working with Gavin was a real pleasure and honour. Not only has he got great talent and comes up with interesting ideas, he let me have an input and use my own creativity, which not all photographers allow. I really enjoyed working with him and will certainly go back down to Adelaide before long! PS: Gav also makes the best pasta!" Peach, Sydney

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ? Tired, I presume...

Pretty exhausted – mentally and physically. My friends think it is glamorous, but I am constantly doing calculations of exposure and interpreting, lying on my belly for a particular angle or climbing a chair or ladder. Once I shot up to 2am, then was up for the morning light… whatever it takes to get that image.

Have you some challenges you're dreaming about ?

Always dreaming, always looking for a challenge ! I have a few ideas lined up for some art nudes. The challenge is to always shoot something different, to nail the perfect picture.

"Bella Dona"
Art Model Isobella

When and where will be your next exhibition ?

I have regularly exhibited some of my work at the Centre of Creative Photography. I would like to exhibit my work later this year, but no firm dates.

Art Model Jodie

You'll tell us ! Have you published a book ? In magazines ?

I have no publications to date, but I would like to time a book with an exhibition.


"The Corset"

Received ! A message to send before we leave ?

Art nudes have been depicted since man could draw on caves. It has always been the fascination of both artists and the viewer throughout history with paintings and the evolution to photography is just an extension of this genre. The only difference is light and shadow is the paint and the camera is the brush.

When some people can’t discern art nudes from porn, this is usually spawned from ignorance. Sites such as yours is great for spreading art nudes to a wider community and it is exciting to be introduced to many fine artists and images that inspire and influence.

I agree, of course !!! And I'm deeply honoured dear Gavin !!! Thanks for playing the game !

Art Model Isobella

April 3, 2012

The portraiture of Nikola Borissov

Some outstanding portraits by Nikola Borissov.

"Svilena II 2"
Actress Svilena Kidess

"When You're Gone I"

" KK XI"

"J snapshot"

"Celeste X"
Actress and Model Celeste Thorson