August 31, 2013

Art figurative photography by Craig Scoffone

The fine art figurative photography by San Francisco Bay Area photographer Craig Scoffone, has a very sculptural quality to it.  When asked about his work, Craig has mentioned that he prefers to present shape, tone, contrast, and strong, compelling compositions in his work, as opposed to faces, emotion, and a more portrait or cinematic feel.  "Showing faces I feel can be a distraction, to the beauty and simplicity of the human form itself " Craig says.  "When you show the subject's face, it quickly becomes a portrait, and not an abstraction, and that is really not what I'm going for, in this body of work".

Craig shoots commercial and portraiture work in Silicon Valley, on a regular basis, and when doing his own personal art works, he likes to deviate from the portrait aspect that is often present in glamour, and even in other fine art figurative works. It's not to say that such works, and approach, by showing faces in a nude composition is not a viable strategy, because when it is done well, it is simply outstanding, it's just not the style that Craig has set out to establish for this particular body of work that he has created, and continues to add to.

The landscape, is an area of imagery in which  Craig has also created a vast, deep, and compelling collection of images. And when discussing further, his work with the nude, Craig has said that he considers himself, a ' landscape photographer shooting the nude ', as a way of best describing his aesthetic leanings towards simple shapes, defined often as stark areas of contrasting tones, and or the contrast in texture as well as shape, within the composition.  "Contrast in tones, textures, and shapes, is usually a starting point for me, in creating a photo with the nude and that figure's surroundings ", says Craig.

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