January 22, 2016

Art Nude Travel Photography in Central America

Art Model, Covenant, Juayua, El Salvador ©2015 Terrell Neasley

An article by Terrell Neasley, Uda Art Editor

Again, its great to be back as a co-editor of Univers d’Artistes.

In my last post, I covered a little of what I do, but the main emphasis for writing that post was showcasing the gorgeous Art Model, Safia Sarai in her first feature on UdA. I mentioned that I’d go into a bit more detail on some of my travel work and that’s what I’ll be covering in this post, featuring the beautiful Art Model, Covenant.

Art Model, Covenant Tobacco Caye, Belize ©2015 Terrell Neasley

Art Model, Covenant, El Remate, Guatemala ©2015 Terrell Neasley

As a kid, growing up in Texas, I barely traveled more than 200 miles from home. Upon joining the military, I suddenly found myself in Germany serving in my first duty station.

It was a wake-up call for me and showed me what the world has to offer. 

I began to visit some of the countries of Europe when I had time off. However it was Latin America that captured my heart several years later doing jungle training in Panama. Europe was not anything I was used to after growing up in the Southern US. However Central America was something different from anything I had ever seen or experience. The air was hot and muggy, much more humid than what I was accustomed to. The people, the smells, the landscape, and the culture had me hooked. I had to see more and I promised myself that I’d return as a civilian and explore at my leisure.

Art Model, Covenant Siete Cascades, Juayua, El Salvador, ©2015 Terrell Neasley

Art Model, Covenant, Matagalpa Nicaragua ©2015 Terrell Neasley

Well, that’s what I did in 2012 and I’ve been back practically every year since. My last trip was March through June of 2015. Sometimes I travel alone like I did in 2014, spending 3 months in Nicaragua where I met and photographed a German traveler. But this past time, I brought art model extraordinaire, Covenant and we hit every country except for Costa Rica and Panama. I am currently preparing for another extended stay beginning in Costa Rica, traveling through Panama, and then sailing to Colombia where I’ll spend a month. I’ll figure out where else I’ll go while there.

Art Model, Covenant, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua ©2015 Terrell Neasley

Art Model, Covenant, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala ©2015 Terrell Neasley

If you visit my blog, PhotoAnthems.blogspot.com, you can get a good idea of how much of an advocate I am to encourage more people to travel, particularly Americans. I see Europeans from every country when I’m out backpacking, but I don’t see as many Americans, and black Americans even less.

It has been my absolute joy experiencing different cultures. And the more you do it, the better you begin to understand human kind. No one is better than the other. 

Some people get advantages that others don’t, but it does not make any one person superior to another. Expand your minds a little and experience some alternative ways to do any one thing. You might actually learn something and appreciate your life, that of your fellow man, and the one planet we live on a little more. You can see more of my travel work on my website, PhotoAnthems.com and Instagram @PhotoAnthems. Thank you.

Art Model, Covenant applying salve for bug bites, Hopkins, Belize ©2015 Terrell Neasley

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