May 23, 2016

Michael Vasquez : the story of my first shoot with Angel

Univers d'Artistes Art Editor

When this girl decide to pose for me she was just eighteen (18) and very tough. She was working in a club, but was too young to serve alcohol. Anyway, she came out of the bathroom in the cutesiest robe, and smoking like crazy. She sat down on the stool, foot going a mile a minute. For the next five (5) minute she gave me the rules for working with her, starting with “do not ask me anything about my personal life”, and when on from there. 

As she finished she took a deep inhale of smoke and asked did have any questions? Yeah I said, do you get “nekked.” Oh yeah she said and dropped her robe, and gave me a look like, “feast your eyes on this”, smiled and waited for my reaction. “Naw” said I, “lets get you into a dress”. She was shocked and started laughing, and we became fast friend's, and still are to this day.

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