August 1, 2016

2 000 720 readers ! Fiesta to come soon

You know what ? I'm happy. 9 years of a passionate and hard work... Some of the Artists published in the unique and wonderful Carrie Leigh's NUDE when I was her International Editor (Carrie, if you read me, I will love you till my dying day).

2 000 000 readers ? 9 000 to 15 000 pages viewed by month with some peaks at 100 000 ? Who could have though ? I prepare a celebration with some of the great Members of the magazine.

That announced, thank you dear Art readers from the bottom of my heart for your fidelity, and a huge thanks from the same place to each of the Artists who said me yes and thanks. I am honored. 

And of course to the Art Editors who did and do a splendid work !

The Power of the Dream

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