April 23, 2017

Wien, The Workshop of Colin Vickers with Denisa Strakova

And Art Model Denisa Strakova
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The great Colin Vickers told me yes in the following minut of my request and I am honored and proud and happy to welcome him. Thank you Colin from the bottom of my heart. You make my day !

Studio Vickers. Richtergasse 1A/3, 1070 Wien Austria
Saturday 13th May 10:00-18:00

Photographer Level: Any
Requirements: A camera with a hotshoe and a lens between 35-85mm (50mm is perfect)
Language: English
Participants: Minimum 2/Maximum 8
Price: €300 (€250 if booked in April)

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'Denisa Strakova is a world-class model and a legend in the nude-photography scene and has worked with some of the finest photographers in the world.

It is a great honour to have her in my studio and I have decided she would be the perfect model for my first workshop on fine-art sculptural nudes. In this one-day workshop, we will focus on sculptural nudes and go through the classic lighting and poses most often used.'

Colin Vickers sent me these beautiful photographs. But who is he ? A talentend, renowned and multi-awarded fine art photographer. And as Lucien Clergue, Jean Jacques André, Jeff Wack and André Brito, I forget a lot, he stays simple and friendly. I love that, you know all of me since 10 years. Sometimes the fame can be a malediction, but he avoids the traps. That said, his work is prodigious :

I am an English fine-art photographer living in Vienna, Austria.

I see myself as a minimalist and a perfectionist and I think this shows a lot in my work. 

I am heavily influenced by modern fine-art nude photographers and by the Renaissance masters, and I inspire to bring these two genres together in order to create unique and timeless masterpieces that will look fabulous on anyone's living room wall.

Most of my subjects are normal people and not professional models, and I will bring their personalities into my pieces which I feel gives my work a very personal and emotional connection to the subjects. My work has won many international awards, has been featured on the covers of books and magazines, and can be found on display at many locations in Vienna.

My studio is in Vienna's 7th district but I will also work at London studios, or on location if needed. I am available for sittings or commissioned work, and I often give workshops for other photographers/artists.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i stumbled upon this page looking for artists photographers and found this one. What an impressive collection of art pieces! Thank you for sharing your so very inspiring work! Joh Carlotta Dongar