August 15, 2018

Charles E. Nevols : But above all, feel...

by Charles, Feb 15, 2010, 4:03:27 PM
Journals / Personal

Just go with the flow... Keep learning and experimenting, that is really all we can do... Listen to the criticism, but be aware from where it comes... Tastes are so very different... Choose the best subjects, work in harmony with them... Be honest, if you do not like something, state it...

On the other hand, it would would be wonderful to co-evolve, subject with the object, to experiment over time without all the other constraints, time and money and space... Study the masters, master photoshop, layers upon layers!... as long as the eyes see, the ears hear, the nose smells and the tongue tastes...

But above all, feel...

Special exhibition : Lines and Curves

A simple shadow

By the window


Another stripe




Twisting lines



Dunes at sunrise


Walking on the moon

In the dunes

Sunrise and ripples


More sand

Walking at Sunrise

August 8, 2018

Rice Field Avenue: the Alley of Mergers

I am fascinated by constrasts, by unusual combinations: interior designs incorporating modern elements to antiques, a classic and sober look combined with a funky and colorful accessory, a town with heterogeneous neighborhoods, and even ice cream where pieces of nuts or chocolate chips come to break the velvety texture! I like to be surprised and sometimes even to be destabilized.

Based on this taste for clashes, I developed the series Rice Field Avenue with my great accomplice, the photographer Josée Houle (JoHoule Foto), who managed, as always, to give life to what I had in mind. I landed in her studio with conceptual elements for the set, my character, my accessories and my ideas, as she followed me brilliantly in the wake of my delirium. By playing with lighting, she created the exact atmosphere that I wanted these images to emanate.

As an art model, I always liked to explore various styles in photography, to create characters, different moods, and to tell something through an image.

Welcome in my contrasted, amalgamated universe: the Rice Field Avenue.

When the Caucasian meets the Asian: many contrasts nevertheless responsible for the magic and the beauty of miscegenation.

The fusion of rural and urban, of poverty and wealthiness.

To reveal and to expose ourselves, or to remain discreet, covered. What is acceptable versus what is not.

Self-control despite threatened balance, grace despite precariousness.

«Take Out»

Emancipation and letting go, entangled with restraint and seclusion. 

By demolishing, we build more beautiful, stronger. Experiment the impossible, dare the marginality. Let yourself be shocked, disturbed; your perception of the world will only be wider, richer, and definitively embellished. Despite the discomfort that will only be temporary, to defy established conventions, to refuse to follow the herd, brings only advantages: to yourself as well as to the rest of the world.

Think outside the box!!

August 7, 2018

Intimate moments

Daniel Ilinca
"Play it again"
Art Model Ana-Maria Ilinca

"Serene Kat"
Art Model Kat

Grzegorz Kulinski
"Mirror III"
Art Model Lady Carot

Anca Cernoschi
"Room 5"

In loving memory
François Benveniste
"Caught red-handed 2"
Art Model Liloo

Scott James Prebble
"How could sink that low"
Art Model Muse

Epona Imagery
"Creepy Tub"
Art Model Lady Eastwick

Pavel Kiselev
"Portrait in the mirror"
Art Model Nadya

Alexander Bergström
Art Model Lisa

Akif [HAKAN] Celebi
"Butterfly, Kiss The Sun 5"
Art Model Neri O

"The View"

"To share a Dream ?"
Art Model Dorothy