March 27, 2014

Welcome Zanzib

You'll find his beautiful works on Nonstop Photos, photodom, photosight, ALTphotos, and numerous of his paintings on ArtLib or the extraordinary Hieroglyph.

Zanzib is the first photographer to send me a message when I published him on my writing blog "Le chemin des étoiles". In fact for me, it's just like if Mylene Farmer (for french) or George Michael (for everybody) took the time to tell me : "thanks to love"...

To be the first gives him a favourite place in my heart. Zanzib never forget that there is a a world beyond his camera, and amateurs that watch and comment and appreciate his works, giving them a true place in a true life.

March 23, 2014

William Earle joins us

William Earle at his official site, his second one, his blog, Model Mayhem, deviantART.

Art Model Lela Rae

"Intimate Portrait 1"
Art Model Zinn

An amazing talent,
A wonderful vision,
An endless and (Im sure !) a consuming inspiration,
A devoted love for BW pictures,
An outstanding grace and a true purity in each of his compositions...

This is, and so much more, William Earle, photographer from Philadelphia, Usa, and member of the Professional Photographers of America :

" William works with light, shape, form and an occasional prop capturing expression, emotion, beauty and passion with the nude figure.William’s work is largely an exploration of and into himself and the people he photographs."

Art Model Moon Marie

And all is said.

Working with the greatest art models as you can see it, in a shared and deep respect I love so much, William Earle is also a man to read. His philosophy of life has something that warms your heart. You just have to click here, you'll understand what I mean.

Now, as we know it "a picture worths a thousands words", so it's time to admire his work. It's time for Beauty.

Thanks a lot William for your enthusiasm.

Art Model Trinette

" Trinette is a master with poses like this producing what I consider to be some wonderful work.
She's a lot of fun to work with !"

"Hands of Light"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

" This was shot on a very hot day at a State Park somewhere in Maryland, USA. I find hands to be extremely expressive and at times they speak loudly about the individual."

His bio, his artist's statement,
... and all his passion :

" Located in suburban Philadelphia, PA, my primary focus is fine art portraiture along with the variations, permutations, wonderful and magical moments that just seem to come out of nowhere.

We as human beings are full of life's stories, emotions and feelings. My hope is to share and capture these on some level.

"Painted with Light"
Art Model Melissa Trout

My passion is photographing people and my goal is to share this passion with everyone who I am fortunate enough to photograph.

My primary interest is in creating images that have something to say and communicate to the viewer. I want the viewer to feel something on some level when they look at the images.

Much of my work is in black and white, which I believe communicates feeling and emotion in a timeless manor without distraction that color sometimes introduces.

"Soft Emotion"
Art Model Jessamyn

" Jessamyn is an outstanding model from Australia and I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to work with her. This is a favorite lighting set up of mine and I think she really worked it well."

My approach is a collaborative one working with the models before and during a shoot. Ideas and input from models is always welcome.

I have been fascinated with photography since I was a very young child. It has drawn me into its magic, the magic of feeling and emotion that a photograph is capable of generating.

I have been practicing and studying photography for about thirty years photographing just about anything you can imagine. My journey has brought me to the realization that people are what I am truly passionate about.

Prints of most of my work are available by contacting me directly at this email address

"A Portrait"
Art Model Elizabeth

William Earle and Stephanie Anne Landers : a winning team !

" Here are some images that I consider to be some of my best work. The art model is Stephanie Anne Landers.

I have been extremely fortunate to meet and work with Stephanie Anne on a number of different occasions.

We work extremely well together and have produced what I consider to be some very strong images."

"Film Noir 1"
Art Model Rael

" I received a comment on this image applauding me for breaking a rule with the lighting and complementing the image.

As far as rules go I don’t really know what they are or pay any attention to them.

I think if you follow guidelines or rules or whatever you want to call them, you’re placing restrictions and limitations on your vision and the work produced.

"Goddess of Light"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

My work involves much experimentation. Some experiments are quickly dismissed if it’s obviously not effective and some take some time, work and practice to attain acceptable satisfactory results. I experiment a lot and in many cases follow my instincts. If I like the results of a particular lighting set up I’ll use it and explore it, if not I’ll move on.

I do my work for me to please myself first and if someone else enjoys it or appreciates it that’s also a wonderful reward.

If you see something interesting, grab it, play with it and explore it. Great things can come from being aware and open.

A book by William Earle

Available : here.

" The book is titled "Entwined" and is a selection of ten images from a figure study involving twine. All of the images in the book can be seen on my site in the Entwined gallery.

The images represent many different emotions, feelings and thoughts that we all experience from time to time as we travel through our lives.

The model featured in the book is Katy T. She is a wonderfully talented model and her input to this project deserves mention."

Art Model Katy T

Art Model Katy T

March 16, 2014

Stan Boulton joins us

You'll find Stan Boulton at : his official site, Studiovogue Photography, Net Model, deviantART.

"Candace on the rocks 4"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

"Candace 26"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

"Candace 28"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

As a majority of the Australian photographers, Stan Boulton, from Canberra, loves to shoot his talented art models in outstanding landscapes. No need to ask why, Autralia is simply an amazing country made for this spectacular genre.

Stan Boulton is a very prolific artist with a "recent" predilection for BW and outdoors shootings. In fact, all his nude work was until recently studio based, but it was Candace Nirvana that dragged him out doors for the first time last December !

I've been immediatly attracted by the beauty of his compositions, the grace of his inspiration and his elegant way to direct his famous art models, capturing with a true success their very best.

After a serious car accident, with courage and tenacity, Stan Boulton has decided to become a full time professional photographer, one of the biggest life changing decisions he has ever taken. Since 2006, he's running one of the Canberra's leading portrait studios, StudioVogue Photography.

So, here he is ! Of course. Thank you Stan for your kindness.

"Late Nite TV"
Art Model Jessamyne

The story of his beginnings

"Morning sun..."
Art Model Candace Nirvana

" I'm a Canberra (Australia) based professional photographer and the owner of StudioVogue Photography.

I sort of fell into photography a few years ago : I'd had a car accident and fractured my spin. While not invalided, it certainly restricted what I could do for quite some time.

Not long after I bought my first digital camera, and freed from the restriction of development costs, found a new outlet for my creative streak.

For a while I shot anything and everything, but found I really enjoyed shooting people.

"Wood elf"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

"Midnight Mink"
Art Model Jessamyne

My introduction to model photography came about as I was unhappy with my formal work.

Candids are easy... It's a matter of observation and timing but the formal work was a challenge, especially since it is all about control : control of the light, control over the pose... So I signed up on a couple of modelling sites, and eventually organised a TFP shoot with Jasmina, followed by another.

Then I had a lucky break. A certain Sydney professional tog saw my work and offered to help out. The result was my shoot with the wonderful Jackie, my first really successful shoot.

"Courtney 22"

A couple of months later, with the need to upgrade my PC, I borrowed enough to equip a studio, and replace my camera as well. David offered again to help out, and the shoot with Michelle was the result. With two studio shoots under direction under my belt it was time to go it alone.

Art Model Candace Nirvana

"Queen of the sea 9"
Art Model Seraphiim

Art Model Anne

Anne was the next shoot. While Anne must be given credit (she's a first class model) I was very surprised with the result - while not everything I tried worked, I ended up with a large collection of shots that I was very happy with.

Bouyed by my success, I shot Tanya the following week, coming down with the flu, the shoot ended up being a reality check. I ended up with more discards than I expected as a result, and really didn't do justice to this delightful young lady. Still, I learned a few things and hope to reprise the shoot.

Recovering from the flu, I made a rare visit to OMP, and noticed Genevieve's portfolio. I offered a TFP shoot, and was pleasantly surprised when she responded positively. I think the results were worth it..."

"Princess Candace 3"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

March 10, 2014

Thomas van de Sheck joins us

Thomas van de Scheck is born in 1965 in Cairo, Egypt.

Litograph, sound engineer then freelancing editor. In 1994 it was the first time he assists a fashion photographer, Lars Matzen in Hamburg. Came a little music. He was professional musician, composer and producer of the Techno-Project "B-Dominus". And return to the fashion world : freelancing editor for the magazines "Marie Claire", freelancing copywriter for an advertising agency. And finally, since 1997, he's art-painter and creates "Carbon-Art". Gallery-head of the "Kunstverein Fulda e.V.", he funds "carbon-ART-zeche", an atelier for Art & Photography and becomes in 2002, freelancing photo-designer. Ouf. What a man !

Fetish, pin-up, gothic, with common inspirations with Markus J Ranum, Thomas van de Sheck is the kind of guy I dreamt to discover, deeply. He belongs his universe, playing with the rules. I'm always smiling when I watch his photos, the "second degré" that I love.

Very coloured, well composed, many times models on deep white, all the ingredients are there to make me happy.

You see it, I love his works.

Two books about him :

Cuts to find here
Help to find here

Thanks Thomas to tell me a so big yes !

"Maybe tomorrow"

"Happy Birthday to me"

"Joy ride"

"Cleaning Day"