March 26, 2010

Four of the best and plagiarising poses, by Andre J

Here are some words by Andre J, about his relationships with his models and a reflexion about the poses. I always find interesting to have a photographer point of view on these essential questions. So, let's hear him !

Four of the best images

These are four of the best images I've come across on deviantART in recent times, three fine art nudes and one other which I just can't resist including :

Norm Murray
Art Model Kitty Toxin

Without doubt Kitty Toxin is one of the most amazing and talented models on deviantART - and this image by Norm Murray is to die for - such a complex yet simple set-up, wonderful pose and lighting, and the amazing body and focus of the model (who will be appearing in this gallery shortly). When I see a photo and think : I wish I could do that, that's when I'm really impressed.

When it comes to eyes, I've rarely seen a more hypnotically beautiful pair than those of model Marcela Guirado in Tiki Llanes Lopez's remarkable portrait - again wonderfully simple, but focusing in on those eyes and that incredible gaze, and with a depth of field which draws no focus from the model.

K Studios
"Blue Nude"
Art Model Katy T

Again a beautiful form, wonderfully posed - the lovely Katy T as photographed by K Studios - the sense of balance, and that great lighting... Katy is going to be in Australia early next year and with luck she'll appear in this gallery.

Steve Johns
Art Model Kitten

Another gorgeous harmonious offering by Steve Johns and his superb model Kitten - their work is inspirational to me - their combination of natural and in this case man-made forms with the beauty of the human body is something I strive to achieve in my photography - love the opposing curves of Kitten's body and the railway tunnel.

Plagiarising poses

I've just had my first suggestion of pose plagiarism - if there is such a thing - I guess that puts me in good company if Picasso can "appropriate" from Goya. Does a pose belong to an artist ? I'm interested in your ideas.

I'll admit to having seen great poses on deviantART and thinking - that's a great idea - I might try something like that... Have any other photographers done that ? The pose in question here is quite different - I wonder which photographer first used it.

I have never studied photography but when, about ten years ago, I started taking photography seriously, the first thing I did was ask people to model for me - and with those models I experimented with poses, levels, light etc... One of the first ideas that occurred to me was to rotate a person 360 degrees in strong light and photograph all the different positions... This is something I do now with many of my models.

Below is a sequence with Peach taken some time ago - and these are only a few of the shots... In doing this have I infringed any other photographers' copyright ? Do any of these positions belong to anyone else ?

Andre J
1 "Against the light"
2 "Shadowland"
3 "Textures"
Art Model Peach

And from Genevieve... Do any of these shots belong to anyone else ?

Andre J
Art Model Geneviève

If a model is doing implied nudes and doesn't want to show breasts, obviously the whole rotation can't be shown - one is largely restricted to the back view... Examples from Becca's implied nude shoot :

Andre J
Art Model Becca

Jesi shoot

I've long wanted to do a shoot with lovely Jesi : the Zodiac shots - like those in the top row - are her concept and most of the zodiac poses are hers.

Andre J
Art Model Jesi

Andre J
"Safe in here"
Art Model Jesi

Andy feature

My first featured artist - the far too modest Andrew Cumberland who shines in many photographic areas - art nudes, landscapes and wildlife - and has photographed some stunning models : Elleisha, Niyama, Jenn, Sarah and Courtney.

Andrew Cumberland
"Morning's Glory IV"
Art Model Elleisha

Andrew Cumberland
"Morning's Sorrow"
Art Model Elleisha

DD (Award)

Wonderful to have received a DD on "marble".

Andre J
Art Model Peach

Peach wrote :
"I would like to say a huge thank you to an amazing photographer, Andre J, with whom I did my first real art nude shoot yesterday. I trusted Andre from the minute I met him, and enjoyed every second of working with him (even lying down in the freezing water to get a good shot !). We have the same idea of what constitutes a beautiful art nude shot, which made the shoot a great occasion for us both to bring out our creativity and do some amazing work that I hope you will all enjoy.
Thanks for making it a great experience for me."

March 9, 2010

Al Calkins

I like Al Calkins ("experimental photographer" from St Paul, Minnesota, USA) because he tells me that life is life and woman is woman, simply, as she is, without artefacts or false expressions.

You'll find him in many good sites, sure, such as ALTphotos, fotocommunity, deviantART, and Model Mayhem.

March 6, 2010

Nektarios Pogas joins us

Do you remember the article about Nektarios Pogas ? I was waiting for his self made bio, here it is :

"Nektarios Pogas, born in 1981 in Creta, a Greek island, discovered his passion about photography in 2005, and has been seriously involved with it since 2006.

His favorite subjects are abstract and conceptual photography, but lately he experiments with glamour and fashion photography too.

His goal is to make pictures of everyday things, in which people never give attention and transform them in interesting photographic subjects.

He currently plans to get involved with street and journalistic photography and travel the world."

"Bridge to nevermore"