July 28, 2016

In Time of Trouble

My lovely friend Ms James again, I do owe her a debt as a friend, and as an artist in trouble. About 2 years after my stroke, I was wondering if I still had it in me to do my art anymore. She came down to work with me to give me the chance to have a live model working with me. I was rusty as hell, and the issues with my hand control was not what I wanted it to be. But, I was a gracious host plying her with wine in abundance, and food so she wouldn’t have any unfortunate meeting with law. Friend to friend she was there for me, and that meant the world to me. Thanks Ms James.

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July 24, 2016

A wonderful team : St Merrique and Adrian Holmes

St Merrique works so much with so many great photographers that I was unable to choose the most beautiful photographs, they all are, in her blog that she often feeds with grace and simplicity.

So, after 4 hours of pure admiration,  I decided to show you her infinite talent with Adrian Holmes, an Art Photographer I recently met on Facebook. As you will see, the result of their work is simply splendid. So much beauty still gives me hope in humanity.

Do I still need to present St Merrique ? She is my close friend, she is splendid, she has a beautiful soul :

" I'm a nature girl and am passionate about anything that represents growth, change, and enlightenment to the higher self. Being at one with Earth and giving back the love she has given us, going back to our roots, self-realization, birth, reincarnation, death and rebirth, the thinner lines between surrealism and the coffee we stir every morning. Don't forget yourself."

I love her from the bottom of my heart. Since 8 years, all our messages are full of tenderness and joy. She is on my wall with the song she wrote for me... Look at up right above my books. She wanted to visit me this summer in Marseille, France, but she is so busy. One day perhaps, but soon my Muse because I'm beginning to open my wings, il est venu le temps des mots de lumière, des mots aux ailes déployées.

If you discover  St Merrique, what is impossible, you will find all of her in the 10 articles I wrote with her.

By David Le Beck, I miss you, rip
"The Secret Life of Arabia"

But who is Adrian Holmes

A kind man I am very honored to introduce. Thank you Adrian for your ok! which touched me.
"Photography is my passion. It is my medium for expression and my method of sharing my view of the world around me. 
My specialities include: portraits, fine art, architectural (interiors and exteriors).
I have been influenced by many of the well known photographers and artists from the past and present. Annie Leibovitz, Andreas Gursky, Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon are amongst my favourites. My greatest inspiration however, comes from simply observing the world around me, the natural world in particular. 
I currently provide professional services to a wide range of clientèle, from private/commercial portrait bookings to architects and interior designers. I work with a fantastic team of assistants and digital artists, which allows me to expertly complete commissions both large and small."

"Depicting the nude human form in art is not new, it is as old as art itself. One of my favorite lines regarding nudity comes from an episode of Seinfeld . When the subject of female vs. male nudity comes up, Elaine (I’m paraphrasing) compares the female form to “a work of art” while comparing the male form to “an SUV”. I found that not only funny, but quite poignant.
My photographs are stories of an appreciation for women, as well as a study of the beauty of form and light.

A unique Exhibition

July 18, 2016

The paintings trompe-l'oeil de Janine Delaporte

Janine Delaporte was born in 1928 in Paris. Graduate of National School of Arts Décoratifs of Paris, she worked for years at Porthault's (house linen) and at Porcelaines de Paris (arts of table). It was not until 1970 that she specialized in the trompe-l'œil painting (eye-wash). The painter works from installations in work room that she herself sets up. She does oil painting, generally on wood.

Admire :

L'armoire aux rêves

Les Sciences


La porte grise

Le temps

 The "trompe l'oeil (French version on her site) :

"This expression "trompe-l'œil" (eye-wash) was invented in 1800 in France and refers to a very particular pictural genre. Its goal is to create an illusion of reality and alter your eye sight by tricks so much so that your attention is drawn to it, and finally surprised, as Janine Delaporte puts it, you are whisked away into a "metaphoric Universe".

Already frequently developed by ancient Greek or Roman fresco painters this style of painting sprang up again firstly in the Renaissance and secondly in 18th century. Like a marvellous wink of luck, the "Louvre" Art Gallery shows two paintings by an old master, Henri-Horace Delaporte (1724-1793) who devoted himself to the trompe-l'œil still life. He was contemporary with the painters Chardin and Greuze.

In the course of 20th century the Surrealist Movement found that kind of expression completely adapted to its excess and appropriated it to enrich its letters of nobility ; while many of its greatest painters tried themselves in with jubilation, some French poets invented the "trompe-oreille" (Guillaume Apollinaire), the "trompe-l'esprit" (Jean Cocteau) and the "trompe-cœur" (Claude Roy).
For already many years the trompe-l'oeil expression has been gaining a new shop window by showing on vast area, like on walls of our boroughs and more recently on canvas cover sheltering building or restoring sites. This process enables it to be better known amongst the general public.
The trompe-l'oeil art follows very precise rules. Subjects are represented in full-sized with each item neatly shown in the frame without any cutting. Even with the help of modern tools - for those resorting to infography, which is not Janine Delaporte's case - it requires an extreme meticulousness and a perfect mastering of the technicality of painting. For those painters who are masters in reproducing and thumb-nailing painting the creative genius lies in staging. Process that gives great values to their work." Paul J. Lickel

July 8, 2016

Some facets of the talent of Sjur Roald

I can't give you a lot of informations about Sjur Roald. I searched him on the web but he is only at Facebook. When I asked him about his site, he told me :
- A new website will be designed in the course of this summer. Thank you Christian.
I am impatient because the censorship of Facebook doesn't permit him to show us his wonderful artistic nude photographs he must have in his computer.

Sjur Roald is from Norway and the first Norwegian photographer of the Magazine. One of his photographs was sufficient to ask him the honor to publish him. It is the famous factor wow! you all know.

It was very difficult, as usual with each of you, to choose these photographs among the hundred pieces of art he published so I have chosen on his great photographer's palette one of each of his favorite themes and places.

Tusen takk Sjur !
Thank you a lot Sjur for your confidence. Welcome on board and a big bravo !

 art model Elena Stepanova

art model Therese Ellehaven

art model Dorka Banki

art model Marcus

art model Anna Klimakova

art models Anna and Mokhail

dancer Svetlana Bednenko

 art model Lera Russkikh

art model Bryndis