August 27, 2012

Lorand Peli's interview

Lorand Peli
is 28 and lives in Romania.

The first time I saw his portfolio, I was immediately attracted, telling me : "Ho, there is something inside ! The beginning of a style, a new universe to know better..." And he was very surprised to be asked for an article here inside, his first interview : "I've never took the time to write about me. Until now I haven't even thought about my first steps in photography !"

Lorand Peli, how did all that begin ?

I guess it all started when I took the leap from my childhood to puberty. Like everyone else I had a pencil and a sheet of paper... and I just got creative, as the hormones were dancing inside me. Of course it was just for fun, but I noticed that I liked to draw, with some talent (idest more than my friends around me). I learned programming (I really loved at that time) at the the high school, with maximum grades, so the drawing was just a hobby and a "waste of time" according to others. At this point, I'll skip a few years until the past year, at the end of summer, when I've bought my first camera.

"Eyes wide shut"

Past year only ?...

I knew you'll be suprised. Yes, only one year ago. I'm a "newbie". I always wanted a camera. Since my childhood. So, the last year I have raised enough money to buy a camera. It was a Fuji Finepix E510. A point and shoot one, but I could set it to manual. And in december I got my Sony H5, which is slighly better. Today, I'm trying to get another better one, but I just can't afford it for now.

"I'm watching you"
Art Model Allynah

And how long could you be far from your camera ?

If I don't have my camera ? I can always go along with drawings. Anyway I have neglected them since I've bought it.


Do you feel particularly inspired by a kind of location ?

Of course some locations inspire me more, and sometimes my head is above the clouds, thinking how I could do and what could be the most apropriate for the site.
I don't have a preference between indoor (studio, hehehe, I try to manage one at home) or outdoors. I have learned (because most of the time I can't choose between lights or locations) to manage with what I get. If there is natural light... how to use it. If I get fortunate enough and shoot at home, how can I set my prehistoric lighting set to get out the most of a picture. So for now I really don't have a preference, except how to improve.

What is your process of creation ?

Where other people see disorganization (my mum for example) I see order. Most of the time I start with some ideas, but I always go along as I feel. I guess that makes me easy to work with, because I don't make strict plans (no rules) to follow and I don't have any pattern... I think that I'm open minded, always opened to suggestions, to new things. But it has to be relevant (for me).

"Human nature"
Art Model Allynah

Fine nude art is your passion, isn't it ?

For me, the human form (especially female, but I don't have any problem shooting male nudes also) surpasses the lanscapes, static products shots or stock photos.

I love to catch an excitement, a feeling, something that represents human being, young or aged. The thing that makes you "hot", different. I can't describe it very well. It's a feeling, and I know you know what I'm talking about.


What's for your next future ?

I have a running idea in collaboration with some people for my first exhibition, and of course I'm thinking about a book. Now it's too soon for me to contact an editor or a publishing house. Right now, I'm an unknown photographer and I won't get their support.

It will come, Lori ! Thanks for everything !

August 26, 2012

Tiki Llanes Lopez's Interview

" All my life is a dream. I can't stop dreaming..."

Photographer and film director from Mexico, Tiki Llanes Lopez is 27 years old.
" I think the Art is not necessary plasming just the things in life that are negative or dramatic... I think it's all about passion in all kinds of feelings. You can move emotions to joy, caring and kindness. You can catch stories in the eyes of people, what they are thinking, we say.

Well, you can be creative and touch their souls and they thoughts. It doesn't matter if you don't know them, or how far they are.

We are all connected, and we can feel each other."

"Let me Take you Down"
Art Model Yara

Dear Tiki, tell me how did your passion begin ?

My passion begin since I was like 12 years. I got my first camera and I started to take some photos.

It's what I call a vocation. And did you learn photography in a special school ?

I took a course in highschool, just the basics. And then I studied in Film Photography and directing in Vancouver Film School.

Who are your greatest inspirators in the job ?

My grandfather, because he was very creative, honorable and successful, and various Film Directors.

"Time Light Spot"
Art Model Yara

How long could you be far from your camera ?

2 or 3 days...

A short period, in fact... Of course. What kind of locations appeal you ?

I just try to take the best from the place or the situation when I'm taking pictures.

Model Sofia Gonzalez

How do you work ?

First with order, all must be clear, then as it comes... he he he....

Maybe perfectionist, isn't it ?... Do you make many corrections ?

Many !!!!!

Art Model Yara

What is your preferred photos in your portfolio ?

Some close ups and the ones that I crop in some risky way.

You're also film Director ?

Yes. I have produced two shortfilms and I writed and directed 5 shortfilms and two music videos. Some of them have been selected in international festivals in France, Spain, Chile and Mexico. I have an indie production company (CatarFilms), we have made more than 20 shortfims and were more than 500 people involved.

"Me ?"
Model Marcela Guirado

Have you a special project you're dreaming about ?

All my life is a dream. I can't stop dreaming...

I know you're preparing your next exhibition ?

Yes. I'm going to exhibit some of my works in a special event for support new talents in Mexico, on september 7th. In fact, I will love if you all help me to choose 3 of my works for it...

Of course ! We'll be glad to help you, Tiki ! And what else for your next future ?

Working on my two passions : Photo and Film, and make a living of them.

You're on the way. Have you a message to send ?

I'm very grateful to people for all the support I received through this kind of interviews or my deviantART. Thank you very very much.

"BN Truth Rose"
Art Model Yara

August 18, 2012

Nathan Strausse's Interview

Nathan Strausse, we did a first interview, too short, now I need to know more about you. So, tell me how did your passion begin ?

I've always been interested in photography, even at a young age. I was given a point and shoot camera at 10 years old and took pictures of our family vacations. Even had a photo album for them. In high school I took photography classes and everything about it just made sense to me. I shot for the newspaper and the yearbook, but most of my work was with shooting my friends and a lot of landscapes & architectural/design. I really began shooting fetish and erotic when I was working with Andrew Blake. I would help shoot the BTS for his DVD's as well as operating the camera. He played a major key in getting me to go out and shoot my own stuff.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I usually always have a camera on me at all times. You never know what you are going to see. I've gotten some amazing photographs by just being in the right place, at the right time, with a camera (very important). Plus you never know when a woman is willing to do a shoot. Always be prepared.

"Mya 9/10/2006"

What inspire you ?

I'm inspired by a lot of things. Words, imagery, vistas, mostly anything. It's really about the content. It's really about a connection with something that inspires. A picture that brings deep emotions or a quoted line or story, which makes one ponder. I'm moved by one's passion, the beauty of life, how small the world really is and how small we really are.

Do you feel particularly inspired by a kind of location ?

I would have to say no, not really. Everything is in context. A twilight view of canopied palm trees with a sapphire ocean can be as inspiring as a city street filled with cracked pavement and dilapidated signs. All these are a part of our surroundings and I feel both play a major role. But for the record, I would say that I am a city person more than a wilderness person. I would much rather live in a city than up in the mountains. At least at this point in my life. I feed off all the energy given off by cities and the people.

"Yvonne Yu"

Who are your great photographers ?

I would say that a lot of different photographers and artists I would consider exceptional in their work. Stanley Kubrick to me was a genius. He was a cinematography based Director, who knew how to use the camera. His stories always dealt with sexual undertones and mischief. He was a huge influence on me as a filmmaker and photographer. Of course, Helmut Newton, and another photographer that I was greatly impressed with his book was Vlastimil Kula. There are many more names and people that I am still discovering. These are some that come to mind right now. Oh yeah, David LaChapelle I enjoy, mostly because of his use of color and art direction/styling.

"Justine 4/24/2006"

What is your process of artistic creation ? Chaos or Order ?

My process is a mix of all the aspects that you mention. A lot of times I will have an idea that I am going for. I prepare as much as I can for the look that I am after. Once the model arrives, I mold these ideas to fit the location, model, situation etc. With a lot of the bondage shoots, preparation is vital. Suspensions and other ties can be life threatening and without proper prep, disasters can arise. And you don't want that. Always have a first aid kit and always have medical scissors on hand for this. For more of the complex rigs, I use a rigger, Damon Pierce who is amazing. His rope artistry is one of a kind.
On the other hand, working off the hip and fly by night is also a way I work. having great models who bring depth to the photoshoot is essential.

Your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?...

Location wise I am pretty much fair game. The content I shoot usually has to have some sort of privacy, so a lot of times I am shooting indoors, just for this factor. But recently have been working with some models who are ok with public nudity and have been doing more of that. I rarely use strobes. I don't like them too much. Hard to mold the light and hate waiting for them to recycle and the annoying beeps and such. If I pull the trigger I want my camera to shoot and my lighting to be there. Coming from a film background I light using motion picture lights, practicals or natural light (which by far the best in my opinion, you can't beat a nice diffused light from a window, like me and Andrew Blake always said, if it's not bright enough, stand closer to the window).

"Jelena Jensen Caged"

Do you find easily your models ? What kind of ambiance do you install to warm the often shy atmospher of the beginnings ?

Finding the right model is very important to me. They can make or break your shoot. Most I meet through models that I've worked with. I try to have some communication for what I am going for before the day of the shoot. Finding out their limits and their interests help greatly with the style of shoot I will do. On the set, I would say that I am very easy going. I like to create an environment for the model, to get into the character and style. Working in the film industry helps greatly with this. I've directed several short films and have been on the set with some of the worlds prolific Directors. Seeing and communicating with the actors is such a key part of any film or photo shoot.

Communication is key. Having a vision and being able to communicate this vision, vital.

"Justine 4/24/2006"

Do you make many corrections on a long period or do you find immediatly the sense of your work ?

I would say that by the time I get into post, I've already decided on the visual style. I've lit and styled it in a certain way. Now I just need to bring this across in the post side. Sometimes though, I have been known to change my mind and take a different approach. Experimentation is key and not being afraid to make mistakes. Because some of our mistakes can tend to be our greatest masterpieces. with this in mind. Never edit on set, never delete pictures on set.

How do you know when the work is finished ?

Interesting question... I'm not sure. I guess, I sit back, take a good look at the picture and analyze it from lighting, style, retouching and say, is there something I can change that would make it better.... If not, then I'm guess I'm done.

"Justine 3/10/2006"

How do you feel when your work leaves you ?

I am my worst critic. When I'm shooting, I'm usually very happy with the way things are going and everything. The first time I look at the set, I usually hate it. I see errors and things that I should have done. I'm always evaluating what I can do next time. Guess it's not a bad thing. Then I edit the pictures down. Here I start to get into the photo set and tend to like them. By the time I'm done, I've gone back around and see all the things I could change. It's usually not until a few months after that I can go back and say "Hey, that aint so bad"

What is your artistic dream ?

My artistic dream is to create my art and make a living off of it.

"Kelle Marie 9/2/2006"

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

Right now I am working on getting my work exhibited, mainly in LA and NY. But would be willing to show my work anywhere. I want to incorporate my still world and my motion picture world together, making not only an exhibition, but a journey almost through a erotic world. I am having discussions with many venues, but nothing has been confirmed yet. But when I do, I know it's gonna blow away some minds.

A book to come ?

Lately I've just been accepted by Goliath to be featured in their "My Favorite Model" book, coming out this November. It features my work with Justine Joli (adult only), one of my favorite models of all time. I can shoot her hundreds of times and none of the shoots will look the same. We really feed off each other creatively. She gets what I'm going for and brings it. Looking into my own book in the near future and of course magazine publications.

"Kelle Marie 9/2/2006"

What's for your next future ?

Really just trying to get myself out there. Working on quite a few projects, both motion picture and still. I think this year will have a lot of exciting things for people to take in from Nathan Strausse.

Thank you very much Nathan !

August 15, 2012

Stefan Beyst's Interview, my first

Stefan Beyst (1945) is a Belgium based retired lecturer in the philosophy of art and modern art history. Many of his often controversial texts on art and modern artists are to be read on his website.

You'll find him at absolutearts, IOnOne.

Stefan Beyst, tell me how did your passion begin ?

" It happened by accident. I have been photographing my whole life, but not with artistic purposes. Some years ago, my wife bought an electronic camera. I discovered the possibilities of the new medium : no need of a costly and time consuming darkroom and the possibility to shoot as many photos as you like without having to develop them, and above all the countless possibilities of manipulation of the image with Photoshop. Add to that that I had a crisis in my personal life. I have been writing my entire life and suddenly felt that it has been in vain. In my twenties, I also wanted to become an artist, but had decided to devote myself to writing. When making my first images with the digital camera, suddenly the artist in me resurfaced again : I simply could not stop making images. After some months, I have finally found a new equilibrium between writing and making images.

What inspire you ?

" I am most inspired by the great masters of painting.

Do you feel attired by a place more than another one ?

" I like beautiful landscapes like those or Firenze and the Provence, and, provided the weather is beautiful, also the place where I live.

"Flight 1"
(series auguries of innocence)

Tell me about your preferences when you shoot ?
" I rather prefer the unnatural light of imaginary worlds.

Are you an obsessive artist, always shooting ?

" There is always some idea in my head or some image that is emerging…

What is your process of artistic creation ? Like it comes or very organized ?

" It depends. On images like 'The wall' I have been working for weeks. Other images, like the series 'Heptatych' have been made in half an hour, without any premeditation. For the moment, I am doing all kinds of experiments for my next image which will be 'composite'.

"The Wall"
(series auguries of innocence)

What kind of ambiance do you install to warm the shy atmosphere of the beginning of a set ?
" Up to now, I have not worked with models, except for my wife and my children. I guess I would find it extremely difficult to get acquainted with them in order to obtain the required expression…

Do you make many corrections on a long period, or do you find immediately the final sense of your work ?

" The majority of my images are practically 'as shot' : the interventions in the digital darkroom are minimal. In a minority of images, the interventions are more decisive.

How do you know when all is finished ?

" It is just a feeling : 'this is good'.

How do you feel when your work leaves you ?

" It is an intense feeling of satisfaction, a sense of happiness even. I soon proceed to some totally different adventure, but now and then, I have a look at my previous images, sometimes with mixed feelings, and then again with the initial feeling of satisfaction.

"Fight 3"
(series auguries of innocence)

What is your artistic dream ?

" My great dream is to make a large composite picture with a lot of figures that would give a view of what is happening in our contemporary world - a more sophisticated version of the pictures in 'Auguries of Innocence'.

What would you want to do if everything was possible ?

" I would like to stop ageing and to become young again…

What for your next exhibition ?

" Up to now, I have been busy with finding a good printer. I have found one and now I a trying to find a gallery.

Have you been published ?
" I have two books published in Dutch. You can read the English version on my website 'The ecstasies of Eros'

Thank you Stefan !

"Hepta 66"
(series a heptatych)